Christine Brown Slammed For Attending Rodeo, Why?

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Many TLC fans adore Sister Wives star Christine Brown, but she’s not always given a free pass, so this week people ripped her attending a rodeo. Many feel she was supporting an event that influencers should speak out against.

Christine Brown Loves Life With David Woolley

David Woolley and his wife fill their lives with new and exciting experiences. On Memorial Weekend, the TLC stars watched the IndyCars 600 event which thrilled both of them. Recently, they went to a rodeo, and that’s where she picked up some critics.

Sister Wives star Christine Brown and David Woolley - Instagram
Sister Wives star Christine Brown and David Woolley – Instagram

Christine Brown took to her Instagram and posted photos and video clips of her experience. A lot of Sister Wives fans enjoyed seeing her photos, and they liked the TLC star’s caption. But, you can’t always keep everyone happy, so she got slammed by others.

Sister Wives Fans Rip The TLC Star

In the caption on Instagram, the mom of Truely Brown wrote:

We went to the rodeo last night. My videos are horrible, these are the best ones. 😂 there is no way to capture all the talent and bravado and skill of these cowboys and cowgirls. What amazing athletes. I was constantly amazed. #rodeo #talent #bullriding #barrelracing #8seconds #broncriding #barebackriding #steerwrestling #breakawayroping

Christine Brown Rodeo Post - Instagram
Christine Brown Rodeo Post – Instagram

In the comments, Sister Wives fans expressed their happiness or anger, depending on which viewpoint they took about animals and entertainment. Here are some of the angry ones:

  • Funny to me people think pain, abuse and mis use (sic) of animals is acceptable. This isn’t the 1800’s anymore. And yes I have owned horses.
  • Rodeos are so cruel and should be banned.
  • Rodeos are nothing but abuse and misuse of animals. Please don’t support.

Here are some commenters who believe that Christine Brown is not encouraging animal abuse:

  • Its so funny to me the people that whine about ” animal abuse ” are the ones that own zero livestock and have zero clue how much time and money and work is invested in these animals. Ugh.
  • Former junior rodeo contestant mom here. so MANY great family memories were made;) These animals are treasured members of the family;)
  • I’ve been to one rodeo in my life. It was exactly 15 years ago. I was visiting my son, his wife, and baby daughter in Sioux Falls SD. I’ve never enjoyed anything as much as I did that rodeo!

Travel Wyoming cited Sports Business Daily, on professional rodeos. According to statistics, about “43 million” people are fans of the events. Plus, it outranks “tennis and golf” in popularity.

What are your thoughts about people ripping into Christine Brown because she enjoyed a rodeo? Did you know that over 40 million people enjoy watching them and they are more popular than golf and tennis? Do you agree with those who slammed the TLC star? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Sister Wives news.

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