Will Christine Brown Be “Living Her Best Life” On ‘DWTS’ Next Season?

Christine Brown

After officially leaving her polygamous marriage to Kody Brown, Christine Brown is living a ‘simple’ life. The 49-year-old reality star is just now learning what it is to live for her own happiness. Fans have truly loved watching her take on this journey and some even have their own opinions about a few new hobbies she might take on. Some are even pushing the TLC star to perhaps participate in a different network reality show. Read on to get the details about what Christine’s fans have been trying to coax her into.

Christine Brown’s “Divorce” Was Not Unexpected

While fans just last week got the official announcement from Christine Brown that she was leaving her plural marriage, it wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment decision. In fact, viewers of the hit TLC series Sister Wives know that Christine has been unhappy in the relationship for some time. Despite the fact that Christine has always been a devoted wife who was dedicated to making sure that her husband was happy and kept, this mother-of-6 wanted more from her relationship than her husband was ever willing to provide.

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Over the years, viewers have seen Christine’s spirits break and disintegrate, especially after Robyn was added to the mix. Christine has admitted on numerous occasions that she battled issues with jealousy and self-worth, as Kody began spending less and less time with his first three wives in favor of his fourth.

In numerous interviews, Christine mentions feeling like her thoughts and opinions meant nothing to Kody and that the love and connection she once had with him had dwindled over the years due to neglect.

Now, at nearly 50, Christine has had enough. The celeb made the tough decision to leave her husband behind and do what was right for her and her children. While shocking, the announcement isn’t unexpected. It was simply a matter of time before Kody’s third wife decided to call it quits.

Another Reality Show?

Fans of Christine Brown have been very supportive of her over the last month or so. After being a plural wife for most of her adult life, Christine is now emerging from underneath an oppressive blind and seeing the world as an individual for the first time in many years. Over the last few months, the celeb has left Arizona and has moved back to Utah. According to The Sun, Kody’s former wife now lives in a $1+million dollar duplex, complete with all of the amenities. One of the main perks for Christine, however, is proximity. The celeb’s new digs are just moments away from the home of her daughter, Aspyn, and her husband, Mitch Thompson.

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Christina is clearly enjoying the extra time with her family. Her fans, however, are encouraging her to “live her best life” in a different way.

Recently, on the Reddit forums, one Sister Wives fan asked people in the community if they thought that Christine would participate in the next season of Dancing With The Stars. Many of the respondents to the OP thought that this was a phenomenal idea.

As the comments rolled, fans talked about how this would be an awesome addition to Christine’s journey of self-discovery. Fans felt that this was a great way to bring Christine out of her shell. They thought it would really put a positive spotlight on her in a way that would help build her self-confidence.

Christine’s fans even went so far as to ‘match’ her with a coach. Viewers felt that if on DWTS, she should be paired with Derek Hough. Why? Well, some of Christine’s fans think it would be fabulous for her to get some “real, one on one attention,” from a more worthy, non-polygamous Mormon man. 

So, what do you think? Do you think that Christine Brown will pop up on a future season of DWTS? Would it be something you’d like to see? Tell us in the comments!

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