Sister Wives Fans Want Answers! Will Kody Brown be Expanding the Family?

Kody Brown and Wives

If you are a fan of the TLC reality series, Sister Wives, you know Kody Brown is a busy man. This plural-husband has an extra-large family.   With all the drama going on within the clan, Sister Wives fans want answers! Will Kody Brown be expanding the family?

Kody Brown Sets the Record Straight

For years, fans have wondered whether Kody Brown would ever add another wife to the Sister Wives family. Currently, the 53-year old has four wives — and, as fans know, he’s not on the best of terms with all of them. In fact, while still married, Kody and his first wife, Meri Brown, have been separated for three or four years now. While the two still see each other and are working on resolving some of their issues – Kody is only currently bedding down with the other three wives and leaving Meri out of what he calls ‘the rotation.’

So, with a huge chunk of Kody’s schedule is now open, will he be looking for a new lady to fill Meri’s timeslot? Will a new wife mean more children? According to Brown, he might be open to expanding the family – but maybe not in the way you would expect.

Are Their More Kids or Wives in Kody’s Future?

Kody Brown recently sat down with Entertainment Tonight in an exclusive video interview to promo the new season and answer some of the fans’ burning questions. One of which is whether Kody plans to seek out another wife. Other fans are curious about whether they plan to add any more children to the brood. When confronted about the online rumors regarding a possibly ‘fifth wife’ Kody literally reeled his head back with laughter. Kody tells the ET correspondent that rumors of a ‘fifth wife’ get thrown around regularly.  He also describes tabloids as being “gross” when it comes to how they spin information to their benefit. He takes the time to give a very clear, concise answer by telling the interviewer, ‘There will never be a fifth wife.”

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Will Sister Wives Fans Ever Get to Welcome New Children?

During the interview, Kody Brown is asked whether he plans to add any more children.  As of right now, the patriarch stands at 15 children that range in age from 3 to 24. So, are they any more littles in his future? Kody says he won’t biologically be having any more kids. He is not, however, opposed to adoption.

“We’re not adding wives and we are most likely not ever adding children,” Brown told the ET correspondent, “But adoption is not out of the realm here,” he concluded.

The season premiere episode of Sister Wives just dropped this week on TLC. If you missed it – the episode will be replaying Friday, February 19th at 10:30 Pm EST. The next new episode will hit the airwaves Sunday at 10 Pm. Stay tuned to Tv Shows Ace for all the latest on Sister Wives and all of your other favorite reality shows.

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