‘Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Rips Jacket Open Revealing Her Next Stop

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It’s Memorial Day Weekend, and Sister Wives star, Christine Brown is so excited. Memorial Day is on Monday, May 27, but the TLC star’s plans for the weekend are a stark contrast to her life with Kody Brown before she kicked him to the curb. In fact, her new-found happiness with David Woolley must feel like a miracle for her.

Christine Brown & David Woolley Have Many Adventures

Sister Wives fans felt sorry for Kody Brown’s former third wife when she claimed that he treated her like a “basement wife.” That explains the joy that TLC viewers felt when she dumped him. Just imagine, now that she’s not married to a man with multiple wives, how it feels to not put up with Mr. Grumpiness every day of her life.

Kody Brown and Christine Brown from Sister Wives, TLC Sourced from YouTube
Kody Brown and Christine Brown from Sister Wives, TLC – YouTube

When Christine Brown was still with Kody Brown, she loved road trips and there, she often did what she called her “Car Confessions.” However, back home were responsibilities like watching over a bunch of kids, and when he felt like it, being a dutiful sister-wife to her husband. Conversely, free of all the jealousy issues and the gaslighting, she and David traveled overseas, went on an adventure in Moab, took a cruise, and recently visited North Carolina.

David Woolley & Christine – A Different Memorial Day

The TLC stars’ destination for Memorial Day was revealed by David Woolley’s wife last week. On her Instagram, she spoke excitedly about their upcoming plans. Actually, they are already where they planned to be on Memorial Day. At the time, she said said, “Guess what!” And then, she opened up her yellow jacket to reveal a special NASCAR t-shirt.

Christine Brown then added, “We’re going to NASCAR Baby!” The Sister Wives star continued, saying “Oh yeah! We’re so excited… we’re going to go for Memorial Weekend, We have our headgear, know to bring coolers. We know about everything.” As they hope to meet Kyle Larson there, she told her TLC fans that it’s “a dream come true for David.”

David Woolley & Christine Brown From Sister Wives, TLC, Sourced From @david__woolley Instagram
David Woolley & Christine Brown From Sister Wives, TLC – @david__woolley Instagram

Very Different Life For Kody’s Ex

On Memorial Day Weekend in 2017, Christine Brown shared nothing at all on social media. Then in 2018, she shared a post of her daughter, Truely reluctantly being hugged by her second-grade teacher. So, it seemed a bit uneventful.  On Memorial Day Weekend in 2019, the TLC star shared that Mykelti was visiting her and she needed a new coffee pot. She probably loved having her daughter with her. But, It’s probably safe to say that NASCAR beats a cup of coffee.

2020 and 2021 were dull because of the coronavirus, and in 2022 the Sister Wives star shared a photo of herself out walking with a grandchild. Again, in 2023, she spent time with the grandchildren and she and Maddie Brown Brush did some shopping together. Of course, by then, she was with David Woolley, and her smile on social media brightened considerably.  ,

The new smiling Christine Brown - Instagram
The new smiling Christine Brown – Instagram

What are your thoughts about Christine Brown living the best life with David Woolley? Can you imagine how much more exciting her life is now that she’s not married to Kody anymore? Have you ever been to the Nascar Coca-Cola 600 in Charlotte? Let us know in the comments below, and come back here for all your Sister Wives news.

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