‘Sister Wives’ Is Janelle Brown Suing Kody & Robyn?

Janelle and Kody Brown - Sister Wives

Lately, Sister Wives fans have been wondering about Janelle Brown since the passing of Garrison Brown. Since the last filming of Sister Wives, there have been a great deal of changes within the family and their plans. After Janelle and Kody Brown decided to go their separate ways, there were concerns about how the wives leaving would financially be able to continue outside of the pooled funds of the Brown family. Now fans have their suspicions that Janelle is suing Kody and Robyn Brown for her share.

Janelle Brown Made Sacrifices For The Greater Good

While Janelle Brown has endured several different living circumstances for the greater good of the family, it hasn’t always been reciprocated. During many of the seasons, Janelle worked outside of the home to help provide income for their large multifaceted family. Instead of thinking solely of herself, oftentimes, her choice to place the family first has led to situations like living in an RV or small apartment to contribute to Coyote Pass when others weren’t making the same types of sacrifices. Notably, Kody and Robyn Brown prioritized living in a large home over the “dreams” they were so adamantly talking about during the show. But now that she is on her own, has she decided to sue for what she deserves?

Robyn, Kody, Janelle Brown - Sister Wives
Robyn, Kody, Janelle Brown – Sister Wives

Is Janelle Brown Suing Kody And Robyn?

On Reddit, the Sister Wives community got wind of a clue that Janelle Brown might be suing Kody and Robyn Brown. A user posts a photo from a Facebook page that alleges Janelle is suing her prior husband and wife. Notably, Meri, Janelle, and Christine Brown still have ties to Kody and Robyn through property and businesses.

While Christine found a way to use the equity from her Flagstaff home to move away from Kody, she essentially traded her stock in Coyote Pass for almost nothing to rid herself of the debacle. But Janelle didn’t have anything she straight out owned free from anyone else. Each part of Coyote Pass that her name is on is also tied to another family member. Seemingly, the agreements for Coyote Pass are set up to make it difficult for any of them to leave. However, Kody’s name is on every single lot. Reportedly, it was paid in full in June of 2023, but they are at a stalemate over the property.

Fans are suspicious that Janelle Brown is suing Kody and Robyn Brown. - Reddit/Facebook
Fans are suspicious that Janelle Brown is suing Kody and Robyn Brown. – Reddit/Facebook

Each of the women is in multiple businesses, many of them still tied to other family members. Several of the ladies are running MLM businesses. But there are still holds from Kody with the former wives. Unfortunately, they didn’t dissolve the earlier businesses or outright sell and divide the property, leaving them entangled. Likewise, Kody seems confident these women won’t take him to court.

Fans Weigh In On Janelle Brown Suing

However, life has drastically changed for all of the Browns, especially Janelle Brown since losing Garrison Brown. Undeniably, her view on life has shifted. Perhaps this is the time she will settle the legal matters once and for all. After the initial Reddit post, Sister Wives viewers give their thoughts on Janelle suing.

  • “I could see this being true. Janelle was obviously rightfully PISSED about her financial situation. If I were her I’d sue for every penny including the child support Kody probably didn’t pay for Savannah before she turned 18. Imagine watching your husband live in a mansion with his other wife while you live in a crappy apartment.”
  • “I will never understand how he and Robyn didnt at least pretend to open their home for them to stay.”
  • “I think Janelle would rather sleep under the stars. Living in the RV and the small apartment wasn’t about not having a place to live. It was by choice. She was showing by example what you do if you really want to pay off CP and build there – you prioritize it. You don’t buy a McMansion or waste money renting big houses.”
Fans encourage Janelle Brown to go after Kody. - Reddit
Fans encourage Janelle Brown to go after Kody. – Reddit

Other Fans Would Love To See It

Admittedly, many Sister Wives fans would love to see Janelle Brown take Kody and Robyn Brown to court. Several discussed how enjoyable it would be to have a Sister Wives Court TV or even call in Judge Judy to serve up some justice to Kody.

  • “I hope all of the OG3 sue him.”
  • “I would watch a whole season of Court TV: Sister Wives.”
  • “Where’s Judge Judy when you really need her?!!”
  • “All I imagine is Kody saying, “let the record show I’m a great husband” and Judge Judy screaming, ‘BALONEY!’”

Gossip? Or..
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What do you think? Do you think Janelle Brown is finally at the stage where she will pull away from Kody Brown after the loss of Garrison? Do you think she is fed up enough to take Kody and Robyn to court for her part of Coyote Pass? Are you ready to see new episodes of Sister Wives? Drop your comments below.

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  1. I hope she sues him- but I hope the judge is not Judge Judy who would blame the victims! Yes- she is that heinous.

  2. I believe Janelle should sue Kody & Robyn. Meri & Christine should too! Any businesses they had as a family and not dissolved. We all watched every Sister Wife like Meri, Janelle work and give to the family fund. I do remember Christine babysitting for the other wives, that was a job she was performing to help the family. Robyn only worried about her kids! When she came on the show and Meri divorced Kody so he could adopt her kids, he treated Meri awful! Then Janelle stays back in Vegas to sell the homes and Kody makes sure he & Robyn have a mansion of a home using the family money while Janelle and her children are struggling! Kody and Robyn would not have lived the lifestyle if not for the other wives! They deserve their money! Kody deserves nothing but, to be ashamed for not being a father to ALL of his children!!

  3. Absolutely Janelle should sue Kody for her share of CP assets plus for damages and emotional distress. Kody is a manipulative user, and mistreated his wives to benefit himself. I also blame Kody for Garrison’s death as they were estranged (by Kody) over a hoax plan-demic. Kody needs to be held accountable in court for withholding Janelle’s share of Coyote Pass funds so she can move on with her life in a productive way.

  4. Cody used all the women except for Robin to get ahead. he used and manipulated the other women and put Robin on a pedestal. no way should a man manipulate rule and control the women the way he did. I hope the women get back what they deserve

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