Andy Cohen Clears Up ‘RHONJ’ Reboot Rumors

Andy Cohen-YouTube

Andy Cohen is clearing up the rumors surrounding a RHONJ reboot. This has been swirling for some time since the cast has been so divided. More so, Andy himself said the show could not go on that way with such dissension. So, is RHONJ headed the way of RHONY or are they stable? Keep reading for more details.

Andy Cohen Clears Up RHONJ Reboot Rumors

It has been a wild ride for the cast of RHONJ and Season 14 is no exception. Some of the cast has refused to even interact with one another which has made it very difficult for filming. At the end of Season 13, Teresa Giudice vowed she would never be around her sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga again. It was presumed that one of them would be on the chopping block but fans were divided as to who they would want to exit. In the end, they both returned but Melissa had parties without Teresa and vice versa.

Melissa Gorga/RHONJ/YouTube
Melissa Gorga-YouTube

Though it was great to have a season where the drama was not solely about their familial drama, the lack of interaction was not sustainable. Rumors swirled that this current season would be the last traditional one and then it would be completely revamped. Some of the cast may be staying while a whole new crop would be coming in. Essentially, an overhaul. Then, with the canceled reunion, fans feared the fate of RHONY which made it thirteen seasons before getting a reboot. To clear it all up, Andy Cohen went on Reality Checked and spoke to Kiki Monique.

Dolores Catania-YouTube
Dolores Catania-YouTube

There, he explained that the idea of a reboot was out there and talked about:

 “Yeah, there was a lot of play with that one and I think the answer is—I was talking to a cast member about this today—we are gonna cross next season as that comes. Right now, we’re just kind of focusing on, ‘Okay, well if we’re not doing a conventional reunion, what are we doing and what is something different that we could do?'”

So, it seems that Andy is just waiting to see how the rest of this season is received and who is willing to come back again. He did go on to add that RHONJ will likely mimic RHOA and how they shook their casting up.

How It May Go

As Andy Cohen mentioned, RHONJ may follow in the footsteps of Atlanta:

“I think Atlanta was a really good example of we came out of that last season and we knew, ‘Okay, we want to do extensive casting and we want to just give this some time.’ I will say, we gave it time and a lot of people were saying, ‘Well, where’s Atlanta? What’s happening? There hasn’t been any announcements.'”

Bravo wants to make people wonder and question about Jersey in that same way. Then, they can start to make announcements, possibly bring people back, and really shake it up in the best way possible.

Would you like to see some exits, some new faces, and possible returns? Or, is is time for a complete reboot? Let us know and watch RHONJ Sundays on Bravo.

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