‘RHONJ’ Melissa Gorga Claims Whole Cast But Her Is On Ozempic

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RHONJ star Melissa Gorga is claiming that her whole cast is on Ozempic with the exception of herself. She has not shamed anyone for choosing to be on the weight loss drug intended for diabetics. Yet, it was a very bold statement for the mother of three. Keep reading to see what else Melissa said.

RHONJ Melissa Gorga Claims Whole Cast But Her Is On Ozempic

When Dolores Catania was on WWHL with Andy Cohen, the host complimented her on how amazing she looked. She did cop to being on Ozempic but shared she needed it for medical reasons:

“I took Ozempic, stopped, and then began Mounjaro. I was medically prescribed for both because I am insulin resistant/pre-diabetic and have a thyroid issue.”

Dolores did say that the weight loss drug was pricey and she did want to keep up with a healthy lifestyle, as well which was much more cost-efficient. Yet, what about the rest of the RHONJ cast? According to Melissa Gorga, they have all hopped on the Ozempic train. While on the Wednesday, May 29th episode of Sherri, the boutique owner opened up about everything in her life. This included her fitness routine as well as those around her.

Melissa Gorga/RHONJ/YouTube
Melissa Gorga-YouTube

She claimed that she is the “only one on the cast that does not take Ozempic.” More so, Melissa shared how she keeps herself in amazing shape:

“I work out really, really hard. To each their own for everything, but no, I don’t take it.”

So, she was not shaming anyone but maybe a little shade that she can just work out and keep herself toned while others have to use alternative methods. At the same time, Melissa Gorga is younger than some of the women who have copped to taking Ozempic. She is 45 whereas Dolores Catania is 53 as is Jennifer Fessler who has been transparent about her use of the weight loss drug.

Jennifer Fessler-YouTube
Jennifer Fessler-YouTube

She was hospitalized for some serious issues with it but she is thrilled with the results nonetheless. Finally, Margaret Josephs, 57, also has taken Ozempic when she hit menopause:

“After menopause, it’s so hard to lose weight. And then you’re shamed for it if you’re heavy. It shuts off that food noise, my blood work is great. [Before Ozempic] I couldn’t do anything. It doesn’t matter if I was eating right or exercising so I don’t know why there’s any shame in it if it’s helpful to people.”

The Rest Of The Women

Though the other RHONJ women have been very open about their use of the weight loss drug, there are a few who never said anything. Rachel Fuda is already slim but her husband did lose weight so it is debatable what he may be doing. However, he is not a housewife so he is except. Teresa Giudice has been accused as well but never admitted to doing it and neither has Danielle Cabral. Jennifer Aydin admits to plastic surgery but not using the drug and Jackie Goldschneider is outspoken about her eating disorder. Therefore, she is staying away from the drug.

Do you think it was wrong for Melissa Gorga to make such a blanket statement? More so, was it self-serving? Let us know and watch RHONJ Sundays on Bravo.

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