‘RHONJ’ Dina Manzo’s Ex Convicted Of Hiring Mobster To Assault BF

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Former RHONJ star, Dina Manzo’s ex-husband has been convicted of hiring a mobster to assault her boyfriend. This incident occurred back in 2015 but her ex, Thomas ‘Tommy’ Manzo remained free despite what went down. So, what are the exact charges and how much time is he facing? Keep reading for more details.

RHONJ Dina Manzo’s Ex Convicted Of Hiring Mobster To Assault BF

Dina Manzo was just trying to move on with her life with her new man, Dave Cantin. Unfortunately, her ex-husband, Thomas ‘Tommy’ Manzo was not about to make that happen. The two were married for eleven years but a year before the divorce was finalized, some shady dealings happened. According to Page Six, Tommy hired John Perna of the Lucchese crime family to assault Dave Cantin in 2015. At the time, Dave and Dina were dating and Perna knocked him up pretty badly using a slapjack.

Dave Cantin, Dina Manzo-Instagram
Dave Cantin, Dina Manzo-Instagram

The actual incident happened outside of a North Jersey strip mall in the parking lot. As for Cantin, he was left bloodied and bruised for obvious reasons. So, why did Tommy Manzo do this to the RHONJ alum’s boyfriend? Allegedly, Tommy “was outraged that his former wife became romantically involved with another man.” Therefore, once John Perna did what he was told to do, he was given a generous discount on a wedding reception. However, he ended up spending three years locked up but what is Tommy Manzo facing at this time?

The former RHONJ househusband was found guilty of conspiracy, falsifying and concealing documents, and committing a violent crime in aid of racketeering activity. This could mean a $500K fine plus forty-six years behind bars but his sentencing is not until October 15th. He has spent the last near-decade free after the horrific assault. Keep in mind that, even though Tommy and Dina Manzo did not divorce until 2016, they separated in 2012 due to him being unfaithful. Dina moved on officially with Dave Cantin in 2017 and the two have been happily married ever since.

The Drama Continues

Despite Tommy Manzo being convicted, he has been a free man for nearly a decade. Therefore, waiting until October for a sentencing is just prolonging the agony. What will happen and what will the outcome be? Can the former RHONJ star live her life freely with her husband and truly enjoy her life or will this weigh on their shoulders? Time will tell but it seems everything in New Jersey is in shambles. There will be no reunion for Season 14 so fans think this is the end of an era. Hopefully, all of this, including Dina Manzo’s situation, will have a truly positive outcome.

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