‘RHONJ’ Margaret Josephs Planned Exit Around Luis Ruelas?

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Did RHONJ star Margaret Josephs initially plan her exit around Luis Ruelas? It is no secret that she and Teresa Giudice’s husband are not on good terms. More so, she and Teresa do not even get along. Therefore, it appears that she was willing to leave her job based on Luis. How so? Keep reading for more details.

RHONJ Margaret Josephs Planned Exit Around Luis Ruelas?

Margaret Josephs is not in a good position this season of RHONJ. She has watched her good friend, Jackie Goldschneider make amends with Teresa Giudice. Along with that, she felt slighted because she believed that she had not received an advanced copy of Jackie’s book. Jackie has set the record straight on that and explained everyone got the same book. Yet, some cast did want to do press with her so that may have changed things. However, the only people who read the book before Margaret were Jennifer Fessler and the publisher.

Margaret Josephs-YouTube
Margaret Josephs-YouTube

Additionally, Margaret is still very angry with Teresa Giudice and her husband, Luis Ruelas. In the promo, she says Luis blew all of Teresa’s money. This is something Teresa vehemently denies. Now, it is coming out that Margaret had wanted to exit ahead of Season 14 but only if Luis returned. Plus, she wanted to take Jackie and Jennifer Fessler. This all came out through Jackie as she has been doing a lot of press lately. According to Monsters & Critics, Jackie claimed that Margaret expected a “level of loyalty that…was above and beyond.”


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Jackie Goldschneider added that Margaret Josephs was done with Luis Ruelas after the Season 13 reunion. If he did not leave, she was prepared to quit. Moreover, she wanted Jackie and Jennifer Fessler to come with her.

“I think that Margaret wanted — if Luis was coming back to the show — she didn’t want me and Jenn Fessler to come back to the show. She wanted to leave and she wanted all of us to leave together.”

Fessler agreed to it but Jackie said she was not about to give in. In the end, Luis, Margaret, Jackie, and Fessler all returned with the latter befriending Teresa.

Skeptical Fans

Margaret Josephs may have wanted more from Jackie Goldschneider than she was willing to give. However, fans are skeptical if Jackie is telling the truth. In fact, they doubt much of what she is saying:

  • Jackie is soooo boring and looking for a storyline.
  • So if she let go of past issues with Teresa and others to heal, why is she pissed at Margaret and Melissa? That’s what makes what she’s saying BS.
  • What a joke 😂 So why doesn’t Marge get the same forgiveness? She hasn’t done anything near as bad as Teresa did to her?

It would have been interesting to see this play out at a reunion but that will not be happening. There will be some variation but nothing traditional. In the end, it is up to the fans to decide who they like and who they don’t.

Do you believe what Jackie is saying about Margaret or not? Let us know and watch RHONJ Sundays on Bravo.

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