‘RHONJ’ Jackie Goldschneider Details Feud With Margaret

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RHONJ “friend of” Jackie Goldschneider is detailing her feud with co-star Margaret Josephs. Along with Melissa Gorga, the three used to be thicker than thieves. Unfortunately, things have shifted for Season 14 and now, Margaret is referring to Jackie as “Judas.” So, where did it all fall apart? Keep reading for more details.

RHONJ Jackie Goldschneider Details Feud With Margaret

Jackie Goldschneider was a main cast member until Season 13 when she decided to take a step back. Her eating disorder was still coming back to haunt her and she needed to be mindful of her health. Not just for herself but for her family which consists of her husband, Evan, and their four children. Throughout her time on RHONJ, Jackie became very close to Margaret Josephs and Melissa Gorga. However, in Season 14, she decided to make amends with Teresa Giudice and that appeared to cause a lot of drama. Yet, there was a lot more to it and it all involved a book.

Jackie Goldschneider-YouTube
Jackie Goldschneider-YouTube

Jackie opened up to ET and shared what really went down with the book situation. She had penned The Weight of Beautiful and Margaret mentioned she had not gotten an advanced copy. This caused a lot of tension between the two but Jackie is now setting the record straight:

“Margaret absolutely, 1,000 percent got an advanced copy of my book. She just did not get the soft-cover, unfinished press copy that went to people who asked me to do press with them. Melissa asked me to do press, she asked me to do her podcast. So, my publisher — who had those books — sent her one, so she could be prepared for the podcast.”

Margaret Josephs, Joe Benigno-Instagram
Margaret Josephs, Joe Benigno-Instagram

Jackie also went on to note that Jennifer Fessler, who is also a “friend of” on RHONJ, read chapters even before they headed to the publisher. She is much like a sister so between the publisher and Fessler, no one else had a true advanced copy. Yet, Margaret confronted Jackie about the book on Fessler’s birthday, as seen in the premiere:

“I sent the entire cast an advanced copy of the book before it came out. Jenn Fessler’s birthday party was literally two months before my book came out. There’s no reason why Margaret needed the book at that point.”

Jackie also added that she was there nonstop for Margaret Josephs when her ex-husband, Jan Josephs passed away. She was always on the phone with her, was at the funeral and the shiva but was lambasted by Margaret for forgetting the one-year anniversary.

No Remorse

Admittedly, Jackie Goldschneider has no remorse about missing the one-year anniversary of Jan Josephs’ death. She knows she did all she could for Margaret Josephs when she needed her and that is all that matters. As for her friendship with Teresa Giudice, the two made amends at Jennifer Fessler’s birthday party. However, it was not shown on air yet it still bothered Margaret:

“I think Margaret was really upset that I was moving forward with a friendship with somebody that she disliked so much and I think the other part of it was that she really expected to come first in all aspects of my life, and how dare I send somebody else the book before she gets it?”

She is also conflicted as to why she and Melissa Gorga are at odds since they never really had any problems. It seems it was more of an allegiance to Margaret-type situation. Both Margaret and Melissa believe Jackie just wants more screen time but she disputes this, saying she knows her place.


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Do you think that Jackie and Margaret can ever recover? More so, do you think her friendship with Teresa is genuine? Let us know and watch RHONJ Sundays on Bravo.

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  1. I thought Jackie and Evan were respectful of Teresa and Luis wedding celebration and staying for the reception. I believe Margaret leaving and not attending the reception was rude and Jenn Fessler saying Margaret was here ride and that’s why she left with Margaret was stupid. She and her husband definitely could’ve found a ride home, i.e. Uber or asking one of the show’s producers to arrange a car and driver. Margaret only went to the wedding to get airtime.
    It seemed that Jackie and Evan wanted to stay and they did. I thought last year watching the wedding episode that Jackie was being a better person than her cast-mates who chose to leave. At that time I thought she and Teresa would have a way to to become friends.

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