‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Nick Davis Building A Cult?

Nick Davis-YouTube

Is Seeking Sister Wife star Nick Davis building a cult with all of his wives? It seems that some viewers believe that this is his end goal but why do they feel this way? More so, is there some validity to this thinking? Keep reading for all of the details.

Seeking Sister Wife Nick Davis Building A Cult?

Nick Davis’ dynamic with his wives has been an issue since they first started on Seeking Sister Wife in Season 4. Rather than him being married to one of his wives and having a spiritual union with another, both of his female partners are wed to each other. He first met April Davis and they were together around a decade before she met Jennifer Davis. Then, they felt a connection which translated into Jennifer joining the family and the women tying the knot and then taking Nick’s last name. Furthermore, Nick stays at home and thinks while his wives work and tend to the home.

Nick Davis-YouTube
Nick Davis-YouTube

The same was expected from third wife, Danielle Davis. She will ultimately have to marry whomever they choose to be their fourth wife which is still hard for her to grasp. Danielle is still trying to get used to being a newlywed and a new mother. Many believed Nick’s first partner, April was the cult leader so that idea was already put out there. Now, viewers believe Nick’s endgame is a cult so they started a Reddit thread to discuss it:

  • He is very manipulative. He is absolutely working toward building a cult.
Nick Davis-Reddit
Nick Davis-Reddit

They all sleep in one bed, no one was mindful of whether or not Danielle wanted to marry a woman shortly after she married into the family, there are a lot of interesting factors. Did anyone else feel that Nick Davis was working toward his own cult?

  • A cult, or a coven? Hard to tell with that outfit.
  • The way the wives kiss the ground that he walks on and eat up the jargon he pulls out of his a** is definitely cult like.
  • This man is a master of coercive control.

Master Manipulator

One Redditor pointed out that Danielle Davis’ friend believed that she was involved with something cultlike:

  • Also when Danielle has lunch with her friend her friend is like THIS IS A CULT, DANIELLE HAS BEEN MANIPULATED

Friends can see that Nick Davis has prayed upon these women, maybe more so Danielle and Jennifer. Then, he is adamant about bringing more ladies into the family and there are no signs of stopping. He thought Jasmine would be the right one but that did not pan out. As to what will be next is anybody’s guess.

Do you think that Nick is building a cult and will he be successful? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. This man looks like a sleazy pimp. Yep, he’s adding something to their Kool-Aid. I can’t believe they all go out to work while he stays home to “think”. At least now he has to do child care. There are some desperate women out there! He is a pig!

    1. the smirk he keeps on his face tells how much of a sleeze he is. Quincy is so right, these are some desperate and weak women.

    2. He is worst than a pig!!!! He jumps from one woman to another and determined to get into their pants!! Those women are “STUPID “!!!

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