‘Big Brother’ Jeff Schroeder & Jordan Lloyd About Being ‘Canceled’

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Big Brother has more behind-the-scenes controversies than anyone could ever know. It is harder today, with the ability to watch cameras constantly on streaming. However, many things happened before the days of streaming, and no one knew unless someone spilled the tea after the show ended.

Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd from Big Brother 11 agreed to answer fans’ questions about their time on and after the show. They also mentioned how CBS canceled Jeff.

Big Brother’s Jeff & Jordan On Fan Interaction

Jeff and Jordan met on Big Brother, fell in love, married, had children, and even appeared on The Amazing Race together. Now, the couple has a podcast called Togethermess, where they talk about all things Big Brother and share information about their lives.

Big Brother 16 cast photo
Big Brother 16 cast photo

This happened in a bonus episode called “Ask Us Anything,” and they took fan questions. One of the questions asked how they react when people recognize them in public. They also asked about CBS canceling Jeff.

Jordan said she would speak for Jeff and revealed that people think he is an “a**hole,” although she said he isn’t. Jeff said that he loves it when people come up and recognize him. He said it doesn’t happen often, but when it does, he loves to interact with fans.

“When someone comes up to you, nobody’s ever in the 15 years that I’ve been on TV came up to me and said something bad,” Jeff said. “It’s all positive, ‘we love you guys.’ It’s social media where that kind of people get tough, and they want to say something bad.”

Jeff then said he believes that if someone said something terrible to him on social media and then met him in person, they would probably say something nice when standing face-to-face with him.

Big Brother’s Jordan Talks CBS Canceling Jeff

Jordan then read a new question, saying it was because they had previously discussed Jef getting “canceled” and “let go” at CBS.com. They asked why Jordan still hosted Reindeer Games after that moment.

Jordan said that Big Brother is on CBS, but the show has nothing to do with CBS.com. “They probably don’t even know what happened,” Jordan said. Jeff said that “getting canceled” is a blanket statement. He doesn’t know exactly who knows what about why his show was canceled, but he admits it was based on something he said.

Jeff admitted that he had said something he shouldn’t have, and he had paid for it. Jeff had made homophobic remarks on his show and compared Dumbledore being gay in Harry Potter as a teacher to being a pedophile. He has since apologized for the comments and accepted the backlash that came with it.

For Reindeer Games, Jordan said, “The people at Big Brother have always been so nice to both of us.” Jordan said that Jeff had never been canceled at Big Brother.

What are your thoughts on Jeff and Jordan from Big Brother? Do you agree with Jeff’s thoughts on fan interactions being different in person? What about Jordan returning to host Reindeer Games after CBS.com let Jeff go? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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