‘RHONJ’ Melissa Gorga Open To Teresa Giudice Reconciliation?

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Is RHONJ star Melissa Gorga open to a Teresa Giudice reconciliation or is that a thing of the past? The two did not interact in Season 14 of the hit Bravo reality show. So, does that mean there is no hope for the two ladies or can they come back to center at some point? Keep ready for more details.

RHONJ Melissa Gorga Open To Teresa Giudice Reconciliation?

Melissa Gorga joined RHONJ in Season 3 along with her husband, Joe Gorga. It should have worked very well as Joe is OG housewife, Teresa Giudice’s brother. Unfortunately, they have clashed on and off for years but the last few seasons have been the worst. When Teresa was planning her wedding to Luis Ruelas, she left Melissa off of her bridal party. This was somewhat of a slap in the face as Teresa had always preached the importance of family. Though the Gorgas were invited to the wedding, they opted not to attend.

Teresa Giudice-Instagram
Teresa Giudice-Instagram

At the Season 13 reunion, both Teresa and Melissa went at it and it seemed like one would not be back for the following season. As it turns out, they both were invited back but kept their distance. This was a problem in the long run as Andy Cohen said the show cannot continue to operate with people not interacting. So, is there a chance that they will reconcile? Melissa was on Sherri where she opened up about the possibility of this happening. According to Reality Blurb!, it is not happening.

Melissa Gorga shared this:

“Not right now … When someone is never happy for you or your marriage, it becomes very difficult when – sometimes you have to take the toxic and say listen, this is very toxic.”

More so, she noted that she has tried for a very long time but after a while “enough’s enough, and we’re done with the toxic.” Melissa’s husband, Joe Gorga, who was also in attendance, added Teresa was seemingly never happy for the couple. Recently, Teresa shared that she had received a sign from their late parents that she was on the right path away from her brother. That hurt Joe immensely. So, Joe mocked that by saying he’s gotten a sign not to say “negative things.”

Raising Kids Right

Despite Melissa Gorga’s avoidance, she’s raising her kids very differently. When she and her son, Joey came face to face with Teresa Giudice at Dolores Catania’s charity softball game, Melissa told him to go and kiss his aunt. He could have said no but he did not. Joey went right over and was respectful of both Teresa and her daughter Gia Giudice. The kids apparently still text on big days but do not get together any longer. However, it was great that he is so young and has great manners.

Do you foresee a reconciliation somewhere down the line? Let us know and watch RHONJ Sundays on Bravo.

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