‘RHONJ’ Gia Giudice Defends ‘Crazy’ Stepdad, Luis Ruelas

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RHONJ star Gia Giudice has taken to defending her “crazy” stepfather, Luis Ruelas amid the show drama. This is not the first time that she has defended him and she is not the only one of Teresa Giudice’s daughters to do so. So, what is she saying about him, and what led her to speak up once again? Keep reading for more details on the situation.

RHONJ Gia Giudice & Sisters Stand By Luis

Luis Ruelas has not come off as the best person since he started dating Teresa Giudice. He has gotten into arguments with her co-stars and even made threatening comments. At the end of Season 13, he shared that he had dirt on all of the cast and famed PI, Bo Dietl was investigating them. In the Season 14 trailer, it appeared that Luis had blown all of Teresa’s money. More so, she was allegedly always stressed and it was because of Luis. Things looked even worse when Teresa and Luis were mocking John Fuda’s physical appearance.

Luis Ruelas, Teresa Giudice/Instagram
Luis Ruelas, Teresa Giudice-Instagram

Though not everyone cared for the Fudas, it was still deemed very distasteful. However, Luis does have some fans and they are right inside his home. His stepdaughters really like him a lot and they are very verbal about this. In 2023, Milania Giudice was on her mother’s Namaste B$tches podcast and shared her thoughts on Luis:

“Louie is such a great stepdad. He really is. He’s an amazing stepdad,” she said. “Come on, you guys know [my dad] Joe [Giudice]. He’s Juicy Joe. You think he’s going to let anybody around his girls who he doesn’t like? No.”

Then, when Gabriella Giudice headed off to college, Luis penned a sweet tribute to his stepdaughter to which Gia commented:

“Awww I love this[,] best stepdad ever.”


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Milania echoed her big sister’s sentiments but in the Sunday, May 26th episode of RHONJ, there were some lingering issues. Dolores Catania had her Battle for Brooklyn softball event but it was unclear how Luis and John Fuda would get along. According to Meaww, she hoped this game would help them resolve their issues but she and Gia Giudice also thought a private chat might help, as well.

They’re Making Luis ‘Crazy’

Dolores Catania just wants the men to be grown-ups for this very important event while Gia Giudice is very protective of Luis Ruelas. Teresa Giudice chimes in by saying she knows Luis will be fine but she does not trust John Fuda. Gia soon speaks of her stepfather, who she has always been fond of:

“Luis, I’m telling you, he’s a really, really good guy. He said things, and I’ve looked at him now, and I’m like, ‘Lou, that’s not the person that you are. These people are just making you go crazy.’”

From the preview, it does not look like the Fudas will ever resolve their issues with Teresa and Luis. Rachel Fuda even cropped Teresa from the cast photo before the season began. So, Gia may love him but not everyone does.

Do you appreciate how much Teresa’s girls adore Luis or is there more to it? Let us know and watch RHONJ Sundays on Bravo.

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