‘RHONJ’ John Fuda Claps Back At Premiere Allegations

John Fuda, Rachel Fuda-Instagram

RHONJ househusband, John Fuda is clapping back at some premiere allegations that were thrown his way. These were things from his past and clearly, not everyone on the show has been perfect. So, what was the chatter about and what did he have to say? Keep reading for more details.

RHONJ John Fuda Claps Back At Premiere Allegations

John Fuda was introduced in Season 13 with his wife, Rachel Fuda but she felt that she had an immediate target on her back. Coming into RHONJ, Rachel was friends with Melissa Gorga and that can be a big problem. OG Teresa Giudice often runs the show and she does not get along with or care for her sister-in-law, Melissa whatsoever. Rachel has no problem stepping up to Teresa whereas her husband, John has confronted Luis Ruelas, Tre’s husband. Luis tried to make amends with the cast at the Season 13 reunion but not everyone was so forgiving. John was one of those people.

John Fuda, Rachel Fuda-Instagram
John Fuda, Rachel Fuda-Instagram

This season, the two will come to blows but in the Season 14 premiere, which aired on May 5th, it was the ladies who were talking poorly about him. Teresa and Jennifer Aydin were fine with bringing up his past drug arrest which he has already sent out a statement about. Then, the ladies, who were attending a party for Jennifer Fessler, brought up a rumor that they had heard. According to Reality Tea, they chatted about something that had broken about what John liked in an intimate manner. It was tasteless and baseless, leaving John and the other men laughing.


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The fact that John Fuda can laugh at himself is amazing but he did not take kindly to the two ladies bringing up his past which should stay where it belongs. Therefore, he once again spoke out on the situation via Instagram:

“In recent episodes of RHONJ, certain cast members have resorted to dredging up Mr. Fuda’s past in an apparent attempt to discredit him and undermine his reputation. Despite these efforts, Mr. Fuda remains steadfast in his commitment to integrity, honesty, and personal growth. While I am not proud of every aspect of my history, I have worked tirelessly to overcome challenges and strive for a better future. I refuse to be defined by my past mistakes.”

Now, it is not like the ladies just saw John and decided that they wanted to talk poorly about him. His ex had been speaking negatively about him in the press for some time.

Too Much Negativity

Last season on RHONJ, John Fuda’s wife, Rachel Fuda was trying to adopt his older son from a previous relationship. That started to spiral and people believed that they were using the son for a storyline. Then, his ex came out and started to say John was a huge drug dealer. Therefore, this prompted Teresa Giudice and Jennifer Aydin to start ganging up on him. He seems to know who he is and if someone wants to tell him otherwise, he will just keep releasing statements. Again, it does not get better as the season goes on and Rachel already cropped Teresa from the cast photo.

Are you proud of John for clapping back and standing up for himself? More so, do you think these ladies had nothing better to talk about when they had their own issues at home? Let us know and watch RHONJ Sundays on Bravo.

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