‘Below Deck’ Barbie Pascual Has Hysterical Meltdown

Barbie Pascual - Below Deck Bravo

Below Deck fans expected that Captain Kerry Titheradge might fire Barbie Pascual and in the finale, she stormed off the boat after dumping Kyle Stillie. Of course, drama’s not unusual but this time, it came after a hysterical meltdown. Keep reading to find out more.

The Captain Didn’t  Need To Fire Barbie

Captain Kerry Titheradge didn’t put up with much misbehavior in Season 11. He fired Bosun Jared Woodin after he had a drunken run-in with Kyle Stillie. He also fired Chef Anthony Iracane. And, Barbie suggested her days might be numbered with the captain.

Barbie Pascual accused of slacking by Fraser Olender - Below Deck - Bravo
Barbie Pascual accused of slacking by Fraser Olender – Below Deck – Bravo

Apart from forming a romance with Kyle Stillie, Barbie Pascual didn’t get along well with any of the crew members aboard the St. David. She clashed with Chief Stew Fraser Olender and freaked out over something that second stew Xandi Olivier said. As for Kyle, in a dramatic meltdown, she dumped him as she fled the vessel.

Dramatic Meltdown As Barbie Pascual Loses It

US Weekly reminded readers that the meltdown by the Bravo star came after Xandi Olivier handed the Bravo star a back-handed compliment. At the time, everyone was drinking, which fans know always leads to drama on the Bravo show. Kyle Stillie’s girlfriend who had just called home lost it completely.

Kyle Stillie - Below deck Bravo
Kyle Stillie – Below Deck Bravo

It seemed that all Barbie Pascual heard was the negative side of the compliment because Xandi said:

We all know Barbie would have been gone. I would have. If you would have been my stew, I would have let you go. You had a bad attitude but now you have adapted.

Angry, Barbie fired back, saying, “I’m sorry that all the time the interior has been against me but I made it through. You just said you would have fired me if I was your chief stew.” Then she ranted about how hard she worked, but everyone hated her.

Below Deck Fans Saw Barbie Rant & Run

By the time the eruption came, the crew was driving back to the vessel. As her rant went on, Fraser and Kyle tried to calm her down, but nothing worked. In fact, she ignored that Kyle was trying to support her. Screaming and yelling about wanting to be let out of the van, she melted down hysterically. You can see her meltdown in the van at the 0.35 marker below.

Finally, back on board, dropping F-bombs all over the place, she packed and then stormed off to find a place to stay.

When Captain Kerry Titheragde heard about it, the Bravo boss noted, “She didn’t quite fit in.” In her confessional, Barbie Pascual claimed she hadn’t walked off the job, and just walked away from the crew and her now ex-boyfriend, Kyle.

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