Below Deck's Most Hated Chef Breaks Silence [Credit: YouTube]

Below Deck’s Most Hated Chef Breaks Silence

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The most hated chef on the Below Deck franchise is breaking his silence. The new spinoff series, Below Deck Down Under, premiered on Peacock last week. Chef Ryan McKeown is already being called “the most hated chef” ever by viewers. They can’t stand his bad attitude in the galley.

What doesn’t help is that he’s attacking fan-favorite Aesha Scott. The Below Deck Mediterranean returned to the franchise. She got promoted to the role of chief stew. Now, Aesha is up against Chef Ryan, who spoke out about his behavior in the galley.

Below Deck Down Under fans slam Chef Ryan

Below Deck fans have been sharing their thoughts on the spinoff series. Most agree that Captain Jason Chambers is the new stud of the sea. They also agree that Chef Ryan McKeown is the worst chef to ever set foot on the series. Viewers can’t stop talking about the disagreeable chef.

The Philadelphia-based chef angered fans with his “arrogant” attitude. He refuses to take requests from the charter guests, who are paying for the food and experience. In the first three episodes, Ryan served mediocre dishes such as burgers and tacos. Ryan also disagrees on what time to serve the guests dinner.

Aesha Returns To Below Deck Down Under [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
He mostly quarrels with Aesha about meal times. Below Deck fans have already spoken out about his bad behavior on Twitter. Most feel like he’s the worst chef ever. And the Below Deck franchise has had its share of bad chef behavior.

  • “Can someone please tell Chef Ryan that he is there for the guests. They are NOT there for them.”
  • “What an arrogant a**hole. He’s ruining the season already.”
  • “Chef Ryan is about to be the most hated man in America for mistreating Aesha, the most beloved chief stew ever.”
  • “Chef Ryan is an entitled little pr**k!”

So far, Ryan has ignored guests’ requirements and talked back to Aesha. This pushed him at the top of the list of the worst Below Deck chefs. Even Aesha admits it’s hard to be “friends” with him because of his attitude. Below Deck Down Under premiered with a strong start and Captain Jason has viewers swooning.

Chef Ryan McKeown speaks out on his behavior

The new Below Deck cast member spoke out about his behavior. Ryan said the death of his father affected his cooking. In the latest episode of Below Deck Down Under, he said he wants to put in the least amount of effort as possible when it came to the food options he offers his guests.

In a new interview, Ryan spoke out about his father’s death and how it has an effect on his work. His father owned several pizzerias when he was growing up. Ryan says he passed away as a result of being “overworked.”

Below Deck Chef Ryan Tests Nerves [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
“I wаtched my fаther bust his а** his whole life, аnd I lost him to overworked, аnd I’m not going to let myself do thаt,” Chef Ryan said on the new episode of Below Deck Down Under. “As а result, I go аheаd аnd do whаt I need to do.”

He wants to focus on his “health.” Yet, fans think he should’ve chosen another industry. What are your thoughts on Chef Ryan? Do you think he’s the worst chef in the Below Deck franchise? Sound off below in the comment section.

On Thursdays, new episodes of Below Deck Down Under are available to stream on Peacock.

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  1. My thoughts are…I chef Ryan can’t stand the heat, he should get out of the kitchen!
    People are paying a fortune for this experience and that doesn’t mean they want burgers and tacos.

  2. It’s honestly hard to continue watching this a** hole. He’s definitely radiating that little di*k energy.

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