‘Below Deck’ Captain Jason Micromanages Like Captain Sandy?

Below Deck Captain Jason Micromanages Like Captain Sandy? [Credit: YouTube]

Below Deck Down Under premiered on Thursday, March 17. The first three episodes are now available to watch on the streaming platform Peacock. Fans are introduced to Captain Jason Chambers, who is the youngest captain to ever set sail on the show. Move over Captain Lee Rosbach because the show has found its new “Stud of the Sea.”

Jason has already made an impression on the crew and viewers alike. Some of them think he’s the hottest captain to ever appear on the show. (Sorry, Captain Glenn Shephard.) Others noticed that he micromanages like Captain Sandy Yawn from Below Deck Mediterranean.

Captain Jason Chambers likes to get “hands-on”

The Below Deck breakout star spoke to HollywoodLife.com about his work ethic. He admitted that he likes to get “hands-on” with his crew members. Fans can expect to see a whole lot of Captain Jason in the Below Deck spin-off series. While most of them may not mind the eye candy, others may get annoyed.

They noticed that his work style is similar to that of Captain Sandy. She’s been called out for her micromanaging before. During the interview, Jason says calls himself the most “hands-on” captain the show’s ever seen before. He doesn’t mind ironing his uniform or getting dirty.

Below Deck Med: Captain Sandy Vs. Malia White [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
“I’m a little bit hands-on I suppose,” the Below Deck Down Under star told HollywoodLife.com. “I have to be on this first season of where we’re at because I do know the areas. I know what to watch out for. We’ve got no one else that’s coming from other previous seasons that I know where I want to go and get to, so I had to be a bit more hands-on.”

Jason noted that he’s “different” from other captains who were on Below Deck. Most of them had an “established crew and established programs.” Jason’s main concern was to ensure that everything was running well, from front to back. The reason why he got along with Below Deck Med favorite Aesha Scott was because of her “can-do attitude.”

Below Deck newbie admits filming was a challenge

Jason noted the entire season was a “challenge” for him. It was his first time sailing the yacht. It was also his first time in front of a camera crew. So, he was juggling many firsts at once.

“One, I’m taking a new boat on, which I’m more comfortable with walking on a boat and driving,” he said. “However, I’m taking a new crew. Not the most experienced crew.”

Below Deck Captain Jason's Work Ethic [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
Like most Below Deck shows, Jason admitted there will be “drama” this season. He was “prepared” for that since he’s been yachting for 20 years. Jason said that what’s shown on the show is what happens in real life. However, they take the events from a full month’s charter season and film it into six weeks. During a typical charter period, the events would play out even longer.

What are your thoughts on Captain Jason? Do you think he’s a micromanager like Captain Sandy? Sound off below in the comment section. Below Deck Down Under is available to stream on Peacock.

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