‘Below Deck Down Under:’ Chef Ryan McKeown Most Challenging Chef?

Below Deck Down Under: Chef Ryan McKeown Most Challenging Chef? [Credit: Chef Ryan McKeown/Instagram]

Below Deck Down Under just premiered on Peacock on Thursday, March 17. The first three episodes are available to binge on the streaming platform. The Below Deck franchise has had its share of difficult chefs. But this spinoff series may have found its match with Ryan McKeown.

One of the cast members from the show revealed that all of the cast members had an issue with him. So far, in the first three episodes, chief stew Aesha Scott has drama with Chef Ryan. But she’s not the only one since everyone had a problem with him during the charter season.

Is Chef Ryan the worst Below Deck chef ever?

The Below Deck Down Under premiere teased that there is plenty of drama to come. It’s already delivering in the first few episodes. Not only is there a belligerent deckhand in the crew, but there’s also a testy chef. Chef Ryan McKeown will have issues with all of the crew members.

“If arrogant was, like, personified, it would be Ryan,” Aesha Scott told Us Weekly. “He’s a very arrogant man. I think that’s something that everyone — not just as a chef — it’s kind of difficult to be around anyone that’s arrogant.”

The Below Deck Mediterranean alum didn’t want to be put off by Ryan’s personality. She’s worked with her share of difficult chefs in the past. It comes with the industry. You never know what kind of chef you’re going to work with.

Below Deck Down Under Cast Members [Credit: Chef Ryan McKeown/Instagram]
[Credit: Chef Ryan McKeown/Instagram]
“For me, I’ve been doing yachting for a long time and every chef is a difficult toddler,” the Below Deck Down Under star said. “I don’t know why that’s just how they are. So, he was no different. I kind of expect it from every chef I work with.”

Viewers also noticed the tension between Ryan and Aesha during the premiere. He made it clear that he doesn’t listen to anyone else. Chef Ryan insisted on putting out his meals before the guests were seated. He wanted Aesha to listen to him — not the other way around.

This Below Deck Down Under star had no drama with the crew

Below Deck Down Under star Captain Jason Chambers also noticed Chef Ryan’s attitude. The captain previously admitted that he’s more “hands-on” than most yacht captains. Since he was working with an all-new crew, he wanted things to go smoothly. However, that was easier said than done.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Captain Jason said he had no drama with the crew. He’s the type of person to get along with everyone. Yet, he noticed how Chef Ryan would act. Despite the drama, he saw no issue with his dishes.

“[Ryan’s] food was great and you saw in the first episode that the guests responded to his food,” Jason told Us Weekly. “Every crew battles fatigue and working environments change and attitudes change. And when the attitude changes, as I said, they lose focus.”

He also teased that Ryan will “stir up drama” the most among the crew. The Aussie will have his hands full this season. What are your thoughts on Chef Ryan? Do you think he’s the worst chef in Below Deck history? Sound off below in the comment section.

Below Deck Down Under airs new episodes on Thursdays on Peacock.

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