Fans Think Whitney Thore Gone Off-Deep End, Trolling Herself?

Whitney Way Thore - Instagram

My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans noticed something odd about a social media post that Whitney Way Thore shared, so they wonder if she’s gone off the deep end and started trolling herself.

MBFFL Whitney Way Thore Reuses A Post

At the end of April, TLC fans saw that the reality TV star shared a social media post of herself soon after she turned forty years old. At the time, she asked fans for ideas on places she could go to meet men. She lamented, “I fear that I have to be a Real Adult now, but alas, I do not have a husband or children or a signature dip to bring to parties.” 

Whitney Way Thore from Instagram, My Big Fat Fabulous Life on TLC
My Big Fat Fabulous Life star – Whitney Way Thore – Instagram,

Whitney Way Thore’s original reel was taken in Spain, and after she returned home, she started looking for men. In fact, she kickstarted a series of videos with the title, “Let’s Go Meet A Man.” My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans on other platforms trolled her a lot for that. After all, she seemed too thirsty as she approached random strangers. But, the series seems to have disappeared now. Perhaps she will keep them for her own little show if MBFFL ever ends.

THE MBFFL Star Is Trolling Herself?

On the weekend, the My Big Fat Fabulous Life star placed a whole lot of screenshots over her Instagram reel from Spain. Most of them looked like very ugly comments from trolls. Notably, she covered their profiles. But, nicer comments, she left unhidden. Either she’s trying to educate about hateful things on the Internet, or, could she be trolling herself?

Whitney Way Thore - Instagram
Whitney Way Thore – Instagram

On Reddit, TLC fans seemed a bit perplexed about Whitney Way Thore’s motivations. Few people ever see nasty comments on her Instagram posts. Most of them shout her out as if she’s some sort of goddess. The OP who shared the ugly comment post said:


Lots of people sent in their thoughts about the post. Here are some of those who wonder about the strangeness of it:

  • It’s a weirdly aggressive post set to upbeat music which makes it even stranger. I wouldn’t be surprised if she picked the more incendiary comments to superimpose over her walking around eating ice cream as a “come at me, bro” move to drive engagement..
  • Am I the only one who thinks she wrote a lot of those comments herself? To get the attention and compliments.
  • Of course this post has waaay more engagement than her entire 7 part series did. Surprisingly, only love and not a single rude comment out of over 4000. Either people are shocking me with kindness (which is fine) or she’s deleting them like wildfire
  • [It] leads me to believe she’s really trolling. She loves the negative comments so that she can post it and make a video about how she’s stronger than all the haters. She knows exactly what she’s doing…
Reddit Comments on Whitney Way Thore
Reddit Comments on Whitney Way Thore

What are your thoughts about the hateful messages in the reel that Whitney Way Thore shared on social media? Do you think she might be trolling herself? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your My Big Fat Fabulous Life news.

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