Does Whitney Way Thore Secretly Have A Man Or Trolling?

Whitney Way Thore - My Big Fat Fabulous Life - TLC YouTube

My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Way Thore makes some TLC fans think that she might have secretly found a man to date. While she isn’t talking about someone special at the moment, MBFFL fans know that she often misdirects people on her social media. She sometimes reveals potential storylines that turn out to be spoilers in a new season. Read on to find out what might be going on.

MBFFL Whitney Way Thore Is On A Manhunt

Breaking news for TLC fans! Glenn Thore’s daughter is on a manhunt. As if that never happened before. For days now, she’s been going onto her social media and making a big deal about it. Asking her fans to help her find a man takes it over the top. Well, a lot of TLC viewers prefer that to watching her stuff her face, a series that she previously did on Instagram.

Whitney Way Thore When She Dated Chase Severino - TLC MBFFL YouTube
Whitney Way Thore When She Dated Chase Severino – TLC MBFFL YouTube

Whitney Way Thore currently hunts down men, hoping to start dating, but some TLC fans suspect that she might have already found a man. Naturally, they question whether the MBFFL star is just gaslighting her followers. Hopefully, if she has a secret man stashed away, he’s not a French Tutor. Furthermore, if she’s got a man hidden away, it would be the first real one since she dated Chase Severino. He’s the one who made a baby with another woman.

A Secret Man For The My Big Fat Fabulous Life Star?

On Reddit, the hunt for a man came to the attention of folks on a forum dedicated to the MBFFL show. The OP shared a question with fellow TLC viewers, asking

Is this A Joke?

Do yall think Whitney has a man and is trying to throw us off track with this new series?


My Big Fat Fabulous Life Star Whitney Way Thore - Instagram
My Big Fat Fabulous Life Star Whitney Way Thore – Instagram

Most My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans doubt that Whitney Way Thore found a man and keeps him secret from her followers. But, one thinks there’s a vague possibility of it. Here are some thoughts from the discussion:

  • Oh no, not throwing us off track…
  • I think she’s trying to stay relevant and to not work a regular job.
  • Her childish, entitled & obnoxious preteen behavior will override and ruin any chance of a relationship with any man she targets. 5 minutes in & the guy will say he’s going to the restroom & bolt.
  • The man Whitney has is Glenn, and it’s creepy as f—. She even kisses her man on the lips. I can’t imagine a potentially serious life-partner wanting to get in the middle of that relationship.
  • hmmm… a teeny tiny possibility.
Whitney Way Thore Pretending To Find A Man - Reddit
Whitney Way Thore Pretending To Find A Man? – Reddit

What are your thoughts about Whitney Way Thore hunting down men? Do you think that it’s just a pretend hunt and she might already have someone that she’s dating? Or, like the majority of fans, do you think she’s not acting out? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your My Big Fat Fabulous Life news.

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