‘Alaskan Bush People’ Matt Brown Shows Off New Girlfriend?

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Matt Brown worried his fans when he took time off to go up Chopaka Mountain. However, he now has his fans left with a different question. Matt just posted a new video on Saturday that showed him leaving lunch with a mysterious woman. Fans are now wondering if Matt has a new girlfriend.

Here is a look at the video and what we know about Matt Brown’s mysterious new woman.

Matt Brown Releases New Video With A Mysterious Woman

Matt Brown is back from vacation. In a video he released on Saturday, he was leaving lunch with a mysterious woman. He said he was showing her around and then said they had plans to share with fans on Sunday. However, now fans want to know who this woman is.

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However, fans who follow Matt on YouTube have already met this woman and here is what you need to know.

First up, in the video on Instagram, Matt said he and Yvonne had just left Burger King. Yvonne said she loved the burger. Matt said he was going to show her around the town more. They are in Omak, Washington, and planned to go bowling that night. She said she was having fun and they were going to have “Music Madness” on Sunday. Yvonne said, “Dancing is optional.”

So, is this Matt’s new girlfriend?

Who Is  From Matt Brown’s Video?

Unless it is a long-term relationship, Yvonne is not Matt Brown’s girlfriend, not now anyway. Yvonne lives in Ireland and is only visiting Washington for two weeks. Matt actually introduced her on Wednesday in a YouTube live-stream video.


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In the video, Matt was in his boss’s house and was with Yvonne there. He said she was his friend Ivanne from Ireland and was visiting for two weeks. He then moved the camera to her for her to say hi. She said she was “not from Ireland” but was from Lumis, so “you know it’s true.”

Matt laughed and said she was basically one of them now that she had been visiting Washington. He also took the time in the video to apologize once again for taking a vacation. Matt told his fans he was going to Chopaka Mountain, and when he did, many fans seemed to freak out because he wasn’t posting videos.

Matt did release a video talking about his trip up the mountain when he returned. Now, it seems he is enjoying his time with a new lady, at least for the next two weeks.

What are your thoughts on Matt Brown spending some quality time with a lady friend? Do you feel it is about time he found some happiness in his life? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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