Fans Slam Andy Cohen Shaming Ariana Madix’s Mental Health?

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Are Vanderpump Rules fans slamming Andy Cohen for shaming Ariana Madix’s mental health during the reunion? It has been a very present topic during Season 11 as Tom Sandoval claimed that he was struggling mentally. Yet, Ariana has been transparent about her suicidal thoughts and depression. So, was Andy less than empathetic? Keep reading for more details.

Fans Slam Andy Cohen Shaming Ariana Madix’s Mental Health?

Ariana Madix has always been open about her struggles with body dysmorphia, not wanting to be touched, and depression. During Season 6, she told Lala Kent that she hated her body and did not want to be touched by her then-boyfriend, Tom Sandoval. In Season 8, she admitted she did not want to get out of bed for days and that she had thoughts of driving off the freeway. When Sandoval cheated on her with Rachel Leviss, he claimed he tried to break up with Ariana first. Yet, he maintained she threatened to kill herself.

Andy Cohen-YouTube
Andy Cohen-YouTube

At the Season 11 reunion, it was mentioned how Ariana’s dog, Mya got into her room and ate takeout she should not have and almost died. Sandoval was the one who had let Mya into the room so Ariana blamed him for nearly killing her dog. Andy Cohen discussed it and how it was gross that she had left this mess in her room. A Reddit thread was started in defense of Ariana, feeling Andy did not consider her mental health:

  • like being “gross” is literally a symptom of depression. i just think it was antagonizing, inconsiderate, & honestly kind of cruel and shamey.

Fans have been torn about whether or not Ariana was disgusting for leaving leftovers in her room. However, she maintained it’s her space and she could do what she wanted. So, was Andy Cohen in the wrong, or was it a simple statement?

  • The hilarious thing is that Andy has maids/nannies who most likely do all of the cleaning in his households.
  • I hate how people keep ignoring that she had her door closed.
  • I like Ariana.. but he wasn’t wrong. It is gross
  • Andrew has always been a snarky b**ch, to me it was just that.

Make Digs, Expect Comebacks

It was noted that Ariana Madix kept referring to Tom Sandoval as a dog murderer. Therefore, if she had no problem doing that, she should expect retaliation and have to defend her actions. Yes, she did leave out leftovers but her door was closed, as followers mentioned. More so, it was Sandoval who allowed the door to be opened. So, it is very tricky. Those with depression said they had far worse in their rooms so that was the tip of the iceberg. As for Andy Cohen, most just felt he was being snarky and did not put much thought into what he was saying.

Do you think Andy was being malicious toward Ariana or not thinking? Let us know and watch Vanderpump Rules Tuesdays on Bravo.

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