Ariana Madix Shares Texts With Rachel Leviss After Scandoval

Ariana Madix And Rachel Leviss

Ariana Madix recently shared the texts between her and Rachel Leviss after she found out about the affair. Fans have been dying to know what was said to Rachel after Ariana found the videos on Tom’s phone. Now we know. The Scandoval was the talk of reality TV earlier this year. This caused Rachel and Tom to receive a tremendous amount of hate. Which fans think was well deserved.

Rachel Leviss Sues Ariana Madix

Rachel Leviss is suing Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval. This is due to Rachel claiming Ariana showed an explicit video to other cast members. This video was of her masturbating while on FaceTime with Tom Sandoval. She claims that she did not know she was being filmed and did not know it was saved. Rachel is accusing Ariana of sharing the video with her friends. However, Ariana states this is not true as Tom deleted the video from her phone before she could even do anything.

“I did not send the videos to anyone else. Nor did I share, display, or show the videos to anyone else, to be clear, I only saw the video of plaintiff masturbating in places secluded from others.”

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Ariana Madix and Rachel Leviss/Credit: Bravo YouTube

Ariana Madix Shows Texts After She Finds Out

Madix showed the texts between her and Leviss. Once she found the video, she texted her:

“You are DEAD TO ME,”

Rachel replied:

“Ariana, I don’t know what to say right now besides I really f*cked up and I am so so so sorry,”

Ariana concluded the conversation with:

“Shut the f*ck up you f*cking RAT.”

Ariana had no shame in telling Rachel how she felt. There is no reply seen by Rachel in the texts. Before she went off on her, they were talking about watching a show and acting just fine. The two were close and Ariana felt betrayed. Fans do not think Ariana Madix is in the wrong.

Ariana Texts To Rachel
Ariana Texts To Rachel

It seems Ariana had no interest in hearing Rachel’s side of the story. Can you blame her? She immediately made sure she knew how mad she was at her. Fans are still not fond of Tom or Rachel and will forever be on Ariana’s side. Viewers are getting to see how this has affected Sandoval in this season of Vanderpump Rules. However, Rachel wanted no part of the show. What do you think about the texts? Sound off in the comments below.

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