Ariana Madix And Tom Sandoval Want Trial For Home Dispute

Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval

It has been revealed that Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval want to take the dispute over their home to a court trial. The two have been going back and forth since the beginning of their separation. However, nothing has been solved as neither of them will back down. So, now they want to go to court and discuss the issue in front of a judge. Keep reading to find out more about this.

Ariana Madix And Tom Sandoval Split

Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval split in March of last year. This came as a shock to everyone. It was revealed that Tom was having an affair with Rachel Leviss. Rachel was one of Ariana’s best friends and the affair went on for seven months before Ariana found out. She found out when Tom was performing, and his phone fell out of his pocket. Ariana picked up the phone and had a gut feeling to check it. On there, she found explicit videos of Rachel and lots of inappropriate text messages. Since then, Tom has been one of the most hated reality TV stars.

Ariana Madix, Tom Sandoval-Instagram
Ariana Madix, Tom Sandoval-Instagram

They Want To Take It To Court

After the two split, they continued to live together in their house. Ever since they have been fighting over who gets to keep the house. Now they want to take the argument to court in front of a judge. Ariana revealed that the arguments over the house have had a “negative effect on the ownership of the Property”. She also lost interest in the home itself. They filed for this on May 17. They requested a nonjury court trial. The two of them also feel it will take a day or more to hash out all of the issues in court. However, Ariana is hoping this will get solved before that has to take place. She has bought a new house since then and has moved out of the home they share.

Tom Sandoval, Ariana Madix/Instagram
Tom Sandoval, Ariana Madix-Instagram

It seems that the two cannot come to an agreement and want a judge to decide for them. Fans are not shocked it has come to this as the two cannot agree about anything since they split. Viewers have been cheering on Ariana since she has gained an array of opportunities. She will be returning to Broadway in August, and she will be the next host of Love Island USA. Whose side are you on? Sound off in the comments below.

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