‘Sister Wives’ Christine Brown’s Hubby, David Burned His Head, Is He OK?

Christine Brown, David Woolley - Instagram

Sister Wives stars, Christine Brown and David Woolley took a trip to North Carolina. recently, and they had a lot of fun. However, David burned his head. How did he do that? Did he get too close to the BBQ? Or, did their outing to Bison Berry Farms go badly wrong? Read on to find out.

Christine Brown & David Woolley Have Good Fun

After Christine contacted a matchmaker, she probably never dreamed that she’d find someone to love like she does David. TLC fans thought at first, that she rushed into a relationship too quickly. But so far, it looks like they are solid. Since they tied the knot, they get out and about and enjoy the best things that life can bring them.

Christine Brown & David Woolley From Sister Wives, TLC, Sourced From @christine_brownsw Instagram
Christine Brown & David Woolley From Sister Wives, TLC, Sourced From @christine_brownsw Instagram

David Woolley calls Christine his “Queen,” and she calls him a “King,” which some critics think seems a bit immature. But, when Sister Wives fans remember the unhappy years with Kody Brown, they understand that it’s all new for her heart to be totally consumed by one person. Mostly, fans love to see them have fun and her smile shining like the sun.

Sister Wives Star Reveals How He Burned His Head

On Friday, Christine Brown took to her Instagram and shared some photos of them at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. As always, they looked happy together and cuddled close for the selfie. They had been at the Nacars and managed to get a pit pass! The second photo revealed that David wasn’t wearing his cap.

Sister Wives Stars Christine Brown and David - Instagram
Sister Wives Stars Christine Brown and David – Instagram

In her caption, the Sister Wives star used a lot of hashtags to explain what they were doing. She said:

We’re back! @teamhendrick @nascar @kylelarsonracin @chaseelliott9 @charlottemotorspeedway !! #nascar #pitpass #hendrickmotorsports

A concerned TLC fan wrote in the comments, “Be sure to wear sunscreen. It is hot here!”

David Woolley Burned His head - Christine Brown - Instagram
David Woolley Burned His Head – Christine Brown – Instagram

Well, David Woolley learned that the hard way, replying, “To late my head is burnt 😂.”

Quipping back, the fan said, “@david__woolley welcome to the south! That’s how we get called “Rednecks”. Jk”

Naturally, other TLC fans also commented on the fun occasion. Here’s what they said:

  • This is what normal couples do! So glad you are living your best life now!!!
  • You are having the time of your lives! Love it!!!
  • I’m so happy for you two. I wish other plural wives who are unhappy will follow your example!

What are your thoughts about David Woolley forgetting to use sunscreen, so he ended up with his head burned? Do you think he can now claim to be a “redneck?” Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Sister Wives news.

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