‘Sister Wives’ Hunter Brown Leaves The Country, Why?

Hunter Brown - Sister Wives

After the passing of Sister Wives star, Garrison Brown, the entire Brown family’s lives have been interrupted. While they are each coping in different ways, fans are interested in how everyone is doing. Recently, Sister Wives fans noticed that Hunter Brown has left the country. But what is his reason for leaving?

Hunter Brown Keeps The Majority Of His Life Out Of The Limelight

While Hunter Brown has spent less and less time on the Sister Wives reality TV show over the past few years, he is still on fans’ radar. Although you can tell he is having a hard time saying goodbye to his brother, Garrison Brown, he is finding ways to move forward. Since Hunter generally likes to make others feel better, it was difficult for him to put into words just how much he loves and misses Garrison, but he offered a heartfelt message to honor his brother after his death. But as most know, the pain goes along with a person as they travel on through their journey. New memories are still made and good times are still had even in the absence of a beloved. While he continues to process a world of “firsts” without Garrison, fans notice that Hunter has left the country.

Hunter Brown, Logan Brown, and friends from Instagram
Hunter Brown admits Garrison Brown was a big part of his life and will always be. – Instagram

Hunter Brown Leaves The Country, Why?

Although Hunter Brown is taking steps to live life to its fullest since the loss of Garrison Brown, Sister Wives fans notice he isn’t in the USA. But why has he left the country? On Instagram, Hunter shares: “UK with my doctor and my dad. Good times!” Furthermore, he added a carousel of photos that fans could scroll through to see some of the fun he is having abroad. Within the photos were beautiful backdrops of castles and lavish countryside. But many fans hone in on the “dad” part of the message. Immediately, they were searching the pictures to see if Kody Brown was part of the trip. However, after scouring the views, many were confused by Hunter’s message.

Hunter Brown traveling in the UK with his doctor and his dad. - Instagram
Hunter Brown traveling in the UK with his doctor and his dad. – Instagram

A Real Head Scratcher

When Sister Wives star, Hunter Brown added the photos he tricked fans with his words. Listing his travel companions as “my doctor” and “my dad,” fans were rightfully a bit confused. Several fans were quick to ask about his comment.

  • One simply states, “I’m confused.”
  • Another fan explains, “Play on words with the dad comment.”
  • However, that didn’t truly clear it up and the user added, “Can you explain the play on words? Sorry, I’m stupid lol 😅.” To which several others admitted they didn’t get it either.
  • Then, Hunter Brown says, “It’s a joke, everybody.”
He is taking in incredible views with his friends in the UK. - Instagram
Hunter Brown taking in incredible views with his friends in the UK. – Instagram

Hunter Brown Clears It Up For Some People

After Hunter Brown tells the feed it is a joke, that clears it up for some but leaves others wondering even more.

  • Realizing Hunter was jokingly giving his friends nicknames, one fan says, “I guess no one has joke names for their friends lol.”
  • Someone else adds, “Well, now you’ve done riled everyone up!”
  • Another person speculates, “Could be your ‘father figure’….we all know it takes more than sperm to be a father!”
  • “If there is a male figure in your life that gives you their time love and affection of a dad I think that’s wonderful. Have a great trip.”
  • “Every friend group has a mom/dad friend. Don’t over analyze people. FYI I’m not the mom friend in mine 🤣🤣. Have fun in the UK!”

While Hunter Brown doesn’t give his exact reason for travel, it seems like it is a great way for him to get out and enjoy life with his friends. Several Sister Wives fans speculate he is traveling in Scotland. Some were sure it was Edinburgh and Cardiff in his photos.


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What do you think about seeing Hunter Brown logging some travel time? Do you think his joke was funny? Was it confusing to you? Are you ready to see more episodes of Sister Wives? Drop your comments below.

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