‘Sister Wives’ Christine Brown & David Woolley Get Messy

David Woolley and Christine Brown, Sister Wives

Christine Brown and David Woolley tied the knot in October 2023, and ever since then, they packed in fun times, laughter, and a lot of love. This weekend, Janelle Brown said that she and Savanah planned on meeting them in Punta Cana, DR and, things got really messy.

Christine Brown & David Woolley Loving Life

As time goes by, TLC fans see more happiness in Kody Brown’s former third wife than they ever saw before. Many people feared that Sister Wives star rushed too fast into marriage. But, it seems as if she found her soul mate. Recently, they advertised their rental AirBNB in Moab, they live in a nice home in Utah, and they get to travel with her Plexus business. But most of all, their genuine joy seems to shine like a beacon.

TLC Stars Christine Brown And David Woolley - Instagram
TLC Stars Christine Brown And David Woolley – Instagram

Christine Brown laughs a lot. Remember when she and David Wooley married? She could hardly say the words because she was so excited. Instead, she sort of squealed. Genuine love will do that to normally rational adults. Well, now that they arrived in Punta Cana, things got messy. However, the TLC star nearly laughed her head off for the joy of the fun they had.

Sister Wives Stars Get Very Messy

On Saturday, February 17, Janelle’s friend and former sister wife took to her Instagram profile page and shared some photos of herself and David. In her caption, she explained how messy things got.

Sometimes life gets messy, and sometimes you gotta just embrace it!! #plexus #puntacana #lovegettingmessywithyou #livelife.

Sister Wives Stars Christine Brown and David Woolley - Instagram
Sister Wives Stars Christine Brown and David Woolley – Instagram

David made such a big splash driving a little four-wheeler into the muddy puddle, that Christine Brown and David Woolley literally got painted in mud. Later, they went for a swim and again, the TLC star couldn’t help but laugh even more. Perhaps Janelle was laughing at them. Remember, she went on a vacation with the couple to Moab last year and braved David’s antics as he drove his ATV around.

TLC Fans React To Christine Brown And David Woolley’s Happiness

When Sister Wives fans saw the post, David also arrived in the comments. He said, “Do you think I was laughing under my mask?😂” Well, Christine replied, saying, “…he was laughing his head off!! So was I!”

Many TLC fans commented, and here’s a small sample of how much they loved the post.

  • You Two are having tons of fun and I DIG IT!!!! Happy looks exquisite on you. ❤️
  • How great does it feel to do normal fun stuff with your love?…
  • You guys are fun even to look at! 😍
  • I have never seen your smile so radiant and positively glowing. Its amazing what real love can do ❤️
  • U r having the time of your life enjoy u deserve it…

What are your thoughts on Christine Brown and David Woolley getting so messy? Do you love to see her packing in so many laughs and so much love? Do you agree that she never looked happier? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Sister Wives news. 

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