Christine Brown Shares Latest Business Venture

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Sister Wives star Christine Brown is sharing her latest business venture with the public. She went from being the happy little homemaker to a business maven. Now, she is about to launch something amazing and it has a touch of a former sister wife in it. Read on for more details and to see the fun photos.

Christine Brown Shares Latest Business Venture

Sister Wives fans initially knew Christine Brown as the third wife who stayed home with the children. She helped to raise the OG3’s thirteen kids before Robyn Brown entered in 2010. Janelle Brown praised her as she was the one who would work from sunrise to sunset. Having Christine allowed her to live a life where she did not have to answer to anyone. To this day, Janelle’s children note Christine was one of the main people who raised them and they adore her. However, when the family moved to Las Vegas, she became much more into business, obtaining her real estate license alongside Janelle.

Janelle Brown, Christine Brown-Instagram
Janelle Brown, Christine Brown-Instagram

Eventually, she got into the MLM game and has done remarkably well bringing Janelle, and their daughters, Maddie Brown Brush and Mykelti Brown Padron along for the ride. Though Sister Wives is still going, Christine has started a new chapter of her life having gotten married to David Woolley. That being said, the two of them have opted to launch their own business together. Christine took to Instagram to share their latest venture and it is very Meri Brown adjacent.


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Yes, Meri may have a B&B but now, her former sister wife has an Airbnb. Moreover, they can both be found in Utah with Christine’s in Moab and Meri’s in Parowan. That about four hours away from each other so it could be a Brown adventure for a Sister Wives fan. From the photos, it looks rustic chic which is definitely their vibe. Christine Brown seems thrilled to share even more of this new business undertaking.

Booked Up

Though not available until March 1st, fans of Christine Brown are ready to book. They have left comments on the post and are desperate for more information:

  • Love this!!! Could you please send info…My hubby has been there for mountain biking at Arches and we’ve been wanting to head there as a family! 😁
  • I would love the info also. Maybe for later this summer if you aren’t totally booked by then.
  • Yay! Am planning a girl’s trip to Moab! Would love more info, as well, @christine_brownsw
  • I’d love information. I’m currently planning a road trip to Moab!

Friends were tagged in the post so that people could connect and make road trips to see this new spot. It looks like it will do really well. Wonder if this will be a storyline on Sister Wives.

Are you excited about Christine and David opening this Airbnb? Do you think Meri could offer some advice to Christine or is their relationship officially done? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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