‘Survivor 47’ Exciting Preview Teases Possible Cast

Survivor 47 promo

Survivor 46 just ended and a promo has already arrived advertising Survivor 47. The most recent season saw Kenzie Petty win it all, taking the jury vote over favorite Charlie Davis. This happened when Charlie’s long-time ally Maria voted for Kenzie instead of Charlie, which cost him the win. However, Survivor is not resting and already has a promo for the next season.

This Survivor 47 promo also shows several people talking about the season, including one familiar face who worked in President Barack Obama’s administration.

What Does The Survivor 46 Promo Show?

The Survivor 47 promo showed various people talking about appearing on the show next season. Out of all the people, there was one very familiar face. Jon Lovett, who served as President Barack Obama’s speech writer in his first term was one of the people in the video.

Jeff Probst of Survivor CBS

“I have no outdoor skills. What am I doing here?” Lovett, 41, said. “I went camping as a cub scout. I threw up and went home!” Lovett co-created 1600 Penn on NBC and wrote for the HBO series The Newsroom.

Other lesser-known people said they wanted to win the show for various reasons. One said they wanted to forge a “legacy” in the series. Another mentioned that this is the “most important chapter” of their life. Finally, another said they want to become one of the contestants that people “want to see.”

How Did Survivor 46 End?

A lot of people watching at home thought that Charlie was going to win Survivor 46. He had a lot of friends on the jury including one of his closest allies in the competition, Maria. However, Maria pulled one last blindside and voted for Kenzie over Charlie, costing him the million dollar prize.

Maria ended up eliminated when Kenzie and Liz helped send her to the jury. Ben helped Charlie reach the finals when he sent Kenzie to the fire. However, Kenzie survived and it was her, Charlie, and Ben at the end. What happened next was inexplicable. Maria voted for Kenzie, costing her friend Charlie the win by one vote. She even told Charlie she was voting for him and then betrayed him in the end.

Maria said, “I’m a competitor, and the fire in this woman’s eyes when she made fire last night, that, to me, clinched it for me. She owned her game.” She said Kenzie deserved the money to start her life.

Survivor 47 promo / YouTube

Charlie said Maria spoke to him later. She said that she wished she had voted for him. He said he saw her later and she said she had no regrets. “I’m really just done with the whole flip-flopping of your reasons why. A couple days ago, she texted me and texted me completely new reasons about why she voted for Kenzie.” He said he was done with it.

What are your thoughts about the next cast teaser for Survivor 47? What do you think about how this season ended? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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