Moriah Plath Gets Flack For New Black Roots & Sound

Moriah Plath - Welcome To Plathville

Recently, Welcome To Plathville star, Moriah Plath, has been focusing on her music career. While she is vulnerably putting her work into the music, some fans are quick to criticize her efforts.

She Has An Open Wound

Undeniably, Welcome To Plathville star, Moriah Plath, is reliving a traumatic experience in her life. While the full details are unclear, she seemingly was deeply in love with someone but it was unrequited love. Leaving her raw and torn open, she traveled home to her mom, Kim Plath, to seek comfort in a heartbreaking time of her life. Most likely, fans will see more about this torturous time of Moriah’s life when the reality show returns to TLC. However, for now, she is showing the lyrics that bled from her wounded heart.

Kim and Moriah Plath - Welcome To Plathville - Instagram
Kim and Moriah Plath – Welcome To Plathville – Instagram

Moriah Plath Shows Off New Music

On Instagram, Moriah Plath shares a clip of a new song she has been working on. In the caption she says, “I pray you never place your value in how much someone else values you 🥀📝📬🎶.” Undeniably, she is not only working on her musical talents, but she is also digging deep to sort through the emotional pain she has experienced in the past. In the video, she is sitting barefoot in sweatpants and singing to an 80s-style rhythmic beat. But the lyrics pour out of her broken heart.

Moriah Plath Shares Her Heart

In the video, Moriah Plath gives fans a taste of her new style. The lyrics express, “I know it won’t be healthy for me to treat you like you treat me.” Seemingly, Moriah Plath is speaking about the breakup she had last year. She says, “I won’t speak. Cause I mean less to you than you do to me.” But she is placing these emotions into a song to somehow tell the person what she feels. In a raw expression, she adds, “I can’t love me like I love you cause that love is blind.” Then, she speaks highly of the person, “You are perfect in my eyes.” However, she then reflects on the criticism she felt from them. Continuing, “You showed me every flaw of mine.” Admittedly, the relationship wasn’t healthy. She says, “You make me feel like I’m worthless. Maybe I deserve this.”

Fans Criticize Moriah Plath’s Black Roots

Although Moriah Plath is vulnerably opening her hurting heart, many of the Welcome To Plathville fans were harsh in the comments. During the lyrics, she was seemingly returning to her fundamentalist roots of treating others like you want to be treated. However, several couldn’t focus on the word because her dark look was distracting to them. Instead, their focus was on the roots of her hair.

  • “Please do your roots girl, you are sooo beautiful 😍but this look is just not working for you ❤️.”
  • “She’s a natural blond so I don’t think the dark part is her roots showing. I think she must have dyed it that way.”
Some people couldn't hear Moriah Plath's message because of her roots. - Instagram
Some people couldn’t hear Moriah Plath’s message because of her roots. – Instagram

Other Fans Rip Into Her Sound

While other fans were quick to criticize Moriah Plath’s new sound.

  • “Doesn’t sound good. So sorry but it’s hard to listen to. Whoever recorded this should have been honest with her q.”
Fans criticize Moriah Plath's sound. - Instagram
Fans criticize Moriah Plath’s sound. – Instagram

Some People Are Standing Up For Moriah Plath’s Efforts

But some people were there to defend Moriah Plath and her music venture.

  • “Imagine being a young woman exposing yourself to the world. Imagine wanting to be what you dreamed and having a passion and then 90% of your comments are older women trolling you and being rude… don’t like it? Leave.
  • “Right!? I am 42 and these comments would throw me into a depression. Who wakes up and opens IG and trolls a young woman who’s not hurting anyone!?”
Welcome To Plathville star shows off another dark transformation. - Instagram
Welcome To Plathville‘s Moriah Plath shows off another dark transformation. – Instagram

What do you think about Moriah Plath’s new song? Do you like her dark roots? Are you ready to see more episodes of Welcome To Plathville? Drop your comments below.


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