‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ Ty Ferrell Isn’t Really Full-Time Farmer

Ty Ferrell - Farmer Wants A Wife - Gedunk

Recently, the Farmer Wants A Wife cast reunited to let fans know how the relationships were going. Undoubtedly, things were a little extra tense for farmer Ty Ferrell as he sat in the hot seat facing his final two ladies face-to-face after their very public breakups. While some people have questioned if Ty is truly a farmer, he recently shows photos of his cowboy life. However, in addition to his cowboy lifestyle, Ty shares another occupation with fans.

Ty Ferrell Has Many Talents

Notably, during the Farmer Wants A Wife Season 2, some of Ty Ferrell’s photography was highlighted. Additionally, this cowboy is a competitive rodeo roper. Furthermore, his devotion belongs to his little girl, Lennon Ferrell.

Ty Ferrell and daughter, Lennon - Instagram
Ty Ferrell and daughter, Lennon – Instagram

While he was a primary star in Farmer Wants A Wife, this wasn’t his only experience in reality TV. Earlier in his life, he and his now ex-wife made a pilot together for another TV series. While all these skills are admirable, Ty also has another job. Now Ty shares another occupation he is starting to focus on more. Undeniably, this man has a versatile set of talents.

He shows off his photography skills during Farmer Wants A Wife. - Instagram
Ty Ferrell shows off his photography skills during Farmer Wants A Wife. – Instagram

Farmer Wants A Wife Ty Ferrell Isn’t Really Full-Time Farmer

During an “Ask me a question” forum on Instagram, Farmer Wants A Wife star, Ty Ferrell, fields questions for fans. One of the topics that came up was about his plans for the future. First, the user asks, “What objectives do you aim to achieve in the next 3 yrs??” Then, they offer examples, “Photography business, farming etc?” After this, Ty gives a surprising answer. He states: “My day job is a catastrophe insurance adjuster. I want to really dive into it!” While Ty has a lot on his plate already with his ranch, daughter, and side hustles, it seems he is making a career in catastrophe insurance a high priority. Although he didn’t walk away with a wife, most likely the publicity will help with his future business goals.

Ty Ferrell talks about his day job. - Instagram - Farmer Wants A Wife
Ty Ferrell talks about his day job. – Instagram – Farmer Wants A Wife

He Needs To Brush Up On His Finesse

Undoubtedly, Farmer Wants A Wife star, Ty Ferrell, was grilled during the reunion by the two ladies he left standing. Although Ty admits in an interview with Gedunk, that he is fairly sure Melody Fernandez anticipated the breakup. However, he feels awful about blindsiding Megan Lay in the finale with an unexpected “friend-zoning.” However, Megan reports that she and Ty have worked through their issues and are at peace. Admittedly, she says it took some time to hash it out.

Ty Ferrell - Farmer Wants A Wife
Ty Ferrell – Farmer Wants A Wife

What do you think about Ty Ferrell’s career goal of building his catastrophe insurance business? Does his day job surprise you? Do you think Ty will have time to find his “forever person”? Are you missing Farmer Wants A Wife? Drop your comments below.

Bonnie Kaiser-Gambill


  1. I really like this show, I think because my maternal relatives were small farm owners in southern Indiana, and my fondest childhood memories are from the summers I spent there. Ty is a handsome, likable guy, but I don’t think ANYONE should be cast if they are dead set against having
    ( more)children. In retrospect, I’m not sure his motivations for going on this show were for really finding a wife….and maybe this was planned drama all along, getting to the end and walking away. Makes for good reality TV because we’re still talking about it! I’m really rooting for Mitchell and Sydney to go the distance!

  2. I think Ty being on the show was a big ol waste of everyone’s time. He probably never intended to pick ANY woman for a long term relationship. He shouldn’t have auditioned at all.

  3. I feel he never should have been a part of the show when he didn’t want more kids. He definitely wasted our time watching him not to mention the women who went on the show to find a man. Those last 2 women deserved a whole lot more.

    1. yes they did and why would you go on a show knowing you had women that would want to be mother’s and who says his daughter would like a sibling you should take all in consideration

  4. I think Ty was a louse. He lead those two ladies on with a lie and he should have left the show early rather than blind side Meghan like he did. A big phoney out for whatever he can get..sneaking around…beware!

  5. I really enjoy watching the show. didn’t feel that Tyler had been as honest as he should have been..when being interviewed for this show..he should have made his feelings known to the Producers” I don’t want to have anymore children” Producers could have interviewed Ladies that felt the same.I’m 42-I have a daughter”- was his scapegoat sentence for everything..This show was not ” just” about him- it was about young ladies putting everything on the line just to be chosen by him..Initial part of show- that young lady went right to the gusto..” What do you want out of life” – he was taken a back-” wow”.. Life is to short for games..even at “42” Tyler..

  6. He was evidently looking for the spotlight for his future endeavors. This seems like the mo for people getting into reality tv. He gives a bad name for hard working farmers and for the show. Looks like he had no intention of wanting a wife. I feel so bad for Melody and Megan. I guess they dodged a bullet! Much happiness to them both.

  7. from day one, I saw through this phoney pos. I was praying for Meghan to get away from him, she is too good for this weak specimen of the male species. He’s nothing but a horse trader cowboy wannabe IMO!!

  8. Ty may have had his flaws but why would the producers put 20-something young women in his pool of choices? I mean, come on! If they couldn’t come up with women who didn’t want any or more children, and +/- 5 years of his age, he shouldn’t have been a contestant. It was wasted time all around for Ty, the young women involved, the show and most of all, all the family members involved. Shame on the production team for allowing this to happen!

  9. When they cast Ty, they should’ve only paired him with other women closer to his age that either didn’t want children or had children of their own.

  10. Flaky 🤣 My daughter was weirded out by Ty from the start. I’m just glad she knows how to get a good read on what a player looks like.

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