‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ Real Reason Ty Ferrell Did Not Choose Megan?

Farmer Wants A Wife: Ty Ferrell

Farmer Wants A Wife cast member Ty Ferrell shocked everyone when he decided to do a double elimination at the very end of the Season 2 journey. There has been a lot of speculation as to why Ty chose to ride off into the sunset alone. So, what’s the real reason he ultimately didn’t choose Megan Lay?

Farmer Wants A Wife Season 2 Came Down To The Final Decisions

Everything came down to the final decisions in Farmer Wants A Wife Season 2. More than just watching a bunch of city girls embarrass themselves on farms, there was the potential that four couples would come out of this experiment with their life partners.

Even though many viewers have compared Farmer Wants A Wife to The Bachelor on a farm, host Jennifer Nettles firmly believes there’s something much more wholesome about finding love on a farm, especially when compared with a lot of dating shows on today.

Farmer Wants a Wife: Jennifer Nettles
Farmer Wants a Wife: Jennifer Nettles

Farmer Ty Ferrell Shocked Everyone With A Double Elimination

It’s understandable in many ways that Ty Ferrell didn’t end up choosing Melody. Melody is very much a city girl from New York. While opposites can sometimes attract, that isn’t always the case for the long haul. Some lifestyles don’t mesh well long-term. At some point, one person usually has to compromise more than the other. So, Ty not choosing Melody wasn’t completely out of left field.

Megan Lay, on the other hand, was a different story. If not for the “grey area” of having kids, many Farmer Wants A Wife fans felt that Megan and Ty were a good match. Certainly, the mutual attraction was there, and they definitely had better chemistry in a lot of ways.

So, when Ty Ferrell decided to choose no one in the Farmer Wants A Wife Season 2 finale, that threw many viewers for a loop. Between the two remaining ladies, the vast majority of viewers believed that Ty would attempt to give things a shot with Megan.

Ty Ferrell realizes how much the other ladies don't like his decision to bring in a new woman. - Farmer Wants A Wife
Ty Ferrell realizes how much the other ladies don’t like his decision to bring in a new woman. – Farmer Wants A Wife

Farmer Wants A Wife: The Real Reason Ty Ferrell Didn’t Choose Megan Lay?

There are a lot of theories going around as to why Ty Ferrell didn’t choose to give things a shot with Megan Lay in the end. One realistic possibility is that Ty was all for giving things a go with Megan until the meeting with her mother happened.

As Farmer Wants A Wife fans saw, Megan’s mom wasn’t afraid to grill him or tell him what was what. Her mother told producers point-blank that the “grey area” surrounding having kids was a concern for her. It also seems like that exchange with Megan’s mother completely put the brakes on things, as Ty quickly changed direction.

Farmer Wants A Wife: Megan Lay
Farmer Wants A Wife: Megan Lay/Instagram

Ty Ferrell has no problem charming people with his warm smile and his rugged good looks. So, it’s not hard to imagine he could have smooth-talked his way into working things out with Megan Lay. However, instead, following the tense conversation with her mother, he ultimately decided not to choose her.

His sit-down with her mother took things from a grey area to something very black-and-white. It looks like Megan’s mother scared him straight, and, instead of choosing Megan in the end, he respected her mother’s stance and backed off, so that he wouldn’t be the one to deprive Megan of children, or deprive her mother of grandchildren.

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  1. I feel Ty did the right thing… He was NOT matched up with women that suited him. Raised in Montana, I grew up with cowboys all around me.. and non of this ladies had a clue.

    1. Personally I think Ty should have thought about young ladies in their 20’s would most likely want to have children at some point in their lives. Ty I believe picked the women that he was interested in even before the.show aired the first episode. In my opinion he should have not been looking at mostly 20+ year olds and look at ladies in his age group. With that being said I’m glad he didn’t pick either young lady.

  2. Ty claims he doesn’t want children because he has a daughter and because he is 42. So, he could not be in a marriage where they have more than one child? He said having a child now meant he would be 60ish when the child is an adult. So what? At that age he might also be a grandfather via his current daughter. I find his excuses lame. I also think is egotistical. He seems like a local star in the rode. I have dated men who excelled in sports and were good looking. They never settle down.

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