‘1000-Lb Sisters’ Is Family Ignoring Amy Slaton’s Mental Health?

Amy Slaton - TLC - 1000-Lb Sisters YouTube

1000-Lb Sisters fans saw Amy Slaton Halterman throw meltdowns quite often on TLC, and now they suspect the tough love approach is not the right way to deal with her acting out. Aggressive, crying, and even physically fighting Amanda Halterman seemed uncharacteristic. So, people became concerned about Tammy Slaton’s sister.

Amy Slaton Acting Out Dramatics Seemed Fake?

Some 1000-Lb Sisters fans saw that tears, yelling, and abusive language might be a way of bringing more drama to the TLC show. However, others seemed convinced that after the divorce from Michael Halterman, there was something wrong. Chris Combs looked genuinely worried about his half-sister but didn’t seem to know what should be done.

1000-Lb Sisters - Chris Tries To Calm Amy Slaton - TLC - YouTube
1000-Lb Sisters – Chris Tries To Calm Amy Slaton – TLC – YouTube

In January, TLC viewers became concerned that Amy Slaton might suffer from long-term severe postpartum depression. Those who struggled with the condition felt worried because it seemed she wasn’t getting any treatment. Almost every episode revealed Tammy’s sister crying, melting down, or in the throes of a breakdown.

1000-Lb Sisters Family Ignoring Mental Health?

On Reddit, some 1000-Lb Sisters fans recently talked about Amy’s mental health again. The OP wrote:

Why nobody sees that Amy is depressed?
I’ve been watching the show and this season, Amy has been acting very emotional, aggressive, and I do believe she is depressed… She wasn’t like that before… Nobody from her family seams to understand it… She should go to a therapist… She really needs help and her family are just basic saying “I am so tired of acting like this”… I feel for her…

Amy Slaton YouTube TLC Feature
Amy Slaton YouTube TLC

In the discussion that followed about Amy Slaton’s health, 1000-Lb Sisters fans agreed it seems worrying. Mostly, because the family thinks tough love is the best treatment. Here are some of the opinions:

  • Her family is definitely enacting a lot of tough love toward Amy. Encouraging her to leave Michael but then not supporting her emotionally afterwards.
  • t I think that they understand that there are symptoms of depression and then there are things you do that contribute to your depression and I think the latter is what they’re fed up with, in later scenes.
  • Like it pissed me off when people were mad at Amy instead of being kind to her, because it was obvious to me she was battling that alone as well as feeling overwhelmed by having two babies instead of one and getting no help at home.
  • Watching the way Amy’s family treated her made me so mad. Help her, don’t scold her for being a bad mother. This will only make it worse for her mentally. Also, the show staff should have seen the signs, stepped up, and got her the help she needs. Hopefully since we don’t see things play out in real time, she’s getting the help she needs right now.

What are your thoughts about Amy Slaton’s family dishing out tough love? Do you think they know she’s depressed but they don’t know how important mental health issues can be? Do you hope that perhaps someone in the production crew did something to get her professional help? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your 1000-Lb Sisters news.

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  1. Why is this awful family being foisted upon the viewers? They are a train wreck. Always have been, always WILL BE.
    Why does anyone even CARE? My God, people need to get a life.

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