‘1000-Lb Sisters’ Amy Slaton Gets Beautiful Ring For Special Day

1000-lb Sisters: Amy Slaton

1000-lb Sisters celeb Amy Slaton has had a rough go of things lately. Recently, she showed off a new, special ring on an even more special day. So, what’s the latest with Amy, and what did she have to say?

1000-LB Sisters: Amy Slaton Struggled Following Her Split From Michael Halterman

1000-lb Sisters celeb Amy Slaton has been through a lot. As viewers saw, she split from Michael Halterman. This left her as a single mother of two young boys. This is a daunting task for anyone, and a sad reality to wake up to, especially when you envision having a life partner with you to help you through it all.

Luckily, Amy Slaton does have a large extended family, and people around her that can help her shoulder the load. However, even that has the tendency to boil over. 1000-lb Sisters fans saw things escalate into a physical altercation between Amy Slaton and Amanda Halterman that got ugly.

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TLC Celeb Coped By Entertaining Questionable Men?

One of the things that Amy Slaton seemingly did to cope following her split from Michael Halterman was get back out there on the dating scene. One man that she entertained for a while was a guy named Kevin. Amy shared updates going out on a handful of dates with Kevin. From the way it looked, these two were on the path to getting serious.

Many 1000-lb Sisters fans called out a lot of red flags with this new man. Viewers also slammed Amy Slaton for focusing on new men when they felt she should have been focusing on her children. Eventually, Kevin showed his true colors by going on a hateful rant on social media, and Amy quickly kicked him to the curb.

The way that many 1000-lb Sisters fans see it, Amy Slaton should be focusing on her boys and not entertaining shady men. It took her a bit, but, she finally did the right thing, according to viewers, by cutting ties with Kevin once he showed who he really was.

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1000-LB Sisters: Amy Slaton Shares New Gift On Special Day

In honor of Mother’s Day 2024, Amy Slaton recently took to social media to share a beautiful new ring that she got. Even though she bought it for herself, she thanked her sons, Gage and Glenn for making her a mother and giving her a reason to get the ring for the annual celebration of mothers.


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Along with sharing a pic of her new piece of jewelry, Amy Slaton wrote: “Big thank you to gage and Glenn for the mother day ring ! I may have order it myself but it from you boys. I love you both so much.”

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