‘Bachelor’ Colton Underwood, Jordan C. Brown Expecting Baby

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Former Bachelor Colton Underwood and husband Jordan C. Brown are expecting their first baby together. Colton has been sharing his fertility journey with fans over the past several months. Now, it’s finally happening and these two are going to be dads. Keep reading to find out more about this couple’s journey.

Bachelor Colton Underwood Is Going To Be A Dad

Former Bachelor Colton Underwood and his husband of one year Jordan C. Brown are going to be dads. They went to social media to share the exciting news with their fans. The happy couple shared an ultrasound photo in front of them two holding hands. They also shared other photos including one of them both, the ultrasound photos, and their two dogs.

The couple has also already shared the gender of their child.

The caption on the post reads, “our little boy is coming this fall 💙”  People caught up with Colton to talk to him about their journey to fatherhood. He and Jordan are both ecstatic to be welcoming their son to the world in October.

Colton Underwood and Jordan C. Brown/Credit: Colton Underwood Instagram
Colton Underwood and Jordan C. Brown/Credit: Colton Underwood Instagram

Colton said becoming a father is one of the things he and Jordan bonded over in the early stages of their relationship. He said, “That was one of the things we bonded over early in our relationship. We both wanted to be dads. But it’s been such an incredible experience for us to go through this together, and I cannot wait to watch Jordan become a dad.”

As for their surrogate, they are keeping her identity private. They have become very close to her and her family. Colton said they have had her and her husband and child over for dinner. He also said they are very protective of her. They both attend every doctor’s appointment and are a big part of the process.

Colton revealed their doctor even let their surrogate share the incredible news that the embryo transfer worked and they were going to be dads.

They Are Excited And Scared About Their Journey

Colton Underwood also said that he and Jordan know there are risks involved with any pregnancy. It has all given them a huge appreciation for women and what they go through to have a child. He said, “And it’s scary for two men who don’t even have to go through it so that just proves how incredible these women are, not only our surrogate but all the surrogates out there, all the moms out there. It just puts a lot of things in perspective for us.”

Colton even shared that he and Jordan already have a name chosen. He wouldn’t give it away but did reveal it starts with a B. If they see him for the first time and change their minds, they also have a few backup names as well.

Congrats to Colton and Jordan on their new adventure.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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