‘Seeking Sister Wife’ The Davis’ Get Bad Energy From Jasmine

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Seeking Sister Wife family, the Davis’ are getting bad energy from their potential sister wife, Jasmine. She seemed like a great fit, especially since she got along really well with the wives. Plus, she had amazing chemistry with Nick. Yet, a group date may change everyone’s perspective. Keep reading to see what happens when they all gather together.

Seeking Sister Wife The Davis’ Get Bad Energy From Jasmine

The Davis family has struggled in Season 5 of Seeking Sister Wife. They had an amazing previous season as they found a third wife in Danielle. She saw that this was a situation she could really embrace and erased the other wives’ fears. They ended the season by getting married while Jennifer celebrated her pregnancy. This season started with Danielle embracing being a wife and a new mother.

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However, Nick, April, and Jennifer were ready to start finding a new wife whereas Danielle said no. She also knew there was a high chance she would have to marry this person, as well. This is how the family works as the women marry each other and take Nick’s last name. Therefore, Danielle left and got her own apartment. When she returned, April convinced her that she was more important than a new wife but that wasn’t true.

April Davis, Danielle Davis, Nick Davis, Jennifer Davis-Instagram
April Davis, Danielle Davis, Nick Davis, Jennifer Davis-Instagram

They met Jasmine whom everyone clicked with and Danielle admitted she was ready to start courting. Jasmine got along with all of them and now, according to Distractify, she is over for a date at the Davis residence. They are prepping to have Jasmine join them in a sleepover but first, they will enjoy the hot tub. Over the scene, Nick says:

“We’re all having a good time, and I just think … a good way to unwind and kind of get close and hang out with each other is to get in the hot tub.”

They decide to play a game called “Three Questions,” Jasmine’s suggestion, to get to know each other better. Unfortunately, the other wives privately confess that this is somewhat of a “red flag” for them to sit in a hot tub and play games.

What’s The Drama?

The Seeking Sister Wife family shares that hot tub time usually leads to intimate time. So, maybe the game was not setting the mood. Nick insinuates that this is not the time to go deep with one another but rather prepare for something else. Danielle smirks and then adds: “Don’t ask me my favorite color in the hot tub.” This makes her family laugh as they know Nick is not lying. So, if all Jasmine wants to do in the hot tub is get to know the Davis family better and not get down to business, she might not be the right fit.

Do you get bad energy and see red flags in Jasmine or is the Davis family rushing this romance? Let us know and watch Seeking Sister Wife Mondays on TLC.

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