‘Naked And Afraid XL’ Nathan Shares Medical Diagnosis

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Naked and Afraid XL has brought back 12 returning survivalists and sent them on a 40-day journey through the wilderness. One of these returning stars is Nathan Martinez. The survivalist was starting his journey with the rest of the competitors this season and had something important to tell them.

Here is what Nathan had to say and why it is so important for him to share.

Naked And Afraid XL’s Nathan Martinez Reveals Medical Diagnosis

The difference between Naked and Afraid XL and the regular Naked and Afraid series is the length of the challenge. While the original series is a 21-day challenge, XL is a 40-day challenge that promises to be “soul-breaking.” This new Discovery Channel series sees monkey swarms, swimming snakes, ticks, jaguars, parasites, and more.

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The people coming on the show are in danger for most of the series, and the trailer shows that medics are called in as the survivalists struggle to make it through 40 days. However, while the survivalists start their journey, the returning stars begin to talk about what is coming and open up a little about themselves.

Lynsey McCarver and Terra Short sat down and Nathan Martinez gave the two a rundown of his communication patterns. That is when Nathan revealed something he hadn’t mentioned before on the show. He said he has an Asperger’s Syndrome diagnosis (although Asperger’s is no longer medically used, and is listed under the Autism Spectrum now).

“Some people may think I’m weird or strange, but I’m not good at words for a reason,” Nathan said (via PEOPLE). He also said he wouldn’t talk about it unless someone asked him. He wanted to ensure everyone was on the same page as they started this adventure. That is why he mentioned it here.

What Is Happening In Naked And Afraid XL This Season?

The returning Naked And Afraid stars for this season include Adam Kavanagh, Andrew Shayde, Christopher James, Cole Wilks, Heather Smith,  Kaiela Hobart,  Lynsey McCarver,  Malorie Romero, Shell Armogida, Nathan Martinez, Sam Mouzer, and Terra Short.

The group set out on the journey and stopped for a rest at a creek. That is when Nathan revealed this news to his fellow competitors. After revealing his diagnosis, he said he was diagnosed when he was 27, explaining it is a “cognitive disability that is on the autism spectrum that causes you to have difficulty in social situations.”

He then explained that he might not respond when people say something to him. However, he said he wasn’t being rude. “It’s because I can’t think of what to say and I get stuck on a very, very narrow focus and can’t switch rapidly to something else,” he explained.

However, the diagnosis is why he has been able to do things like Naked and Afraid. He said the diagnosis changed his life because it “gave me an explanation for something I had no explanation for, which had led some depression in the past.” Knowing this, he realizes that it isn’t his fault and can move forward with a better understanding.

Naked and Afraid XL airs on Sunday nights at 8/7c. It premiered its first episode on May 12.

Are you excited for the new season of Naked and Afraid XL? What do you hope to see this season on the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Not even a valid “diagnosis” which is WHY it was removed. Dude’s just making lame excuses for his behaviors. Even if he does, that does not give him a pass in the (worthless) fauxality “show” .

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