‘Naked And Afraid XL’ Contestant Grows Tomatoes From His Own Feces?

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Dan Link, a contestant on Naked and Afraid XL, is growing his own food while he’s testing his survival skills in the Amazon. He planned ahead and has been able to sprout some of his own tomatoes. Continue reading to see how he pulled it off and what to expect in this week’s episode.

‘Naked And Afraid XL’ Season 8 Contestants

Amber Hargrove, Gary Golding, Steven Lee Hall Jr, Kaila Cumings, Dan Link, Jamie Frizzell, Lisa Hagan, Jen Taylor, Waz Addy, Trish Bulinsky, Rod Biggs, and Tim Philips are the 12 survivalists on Season 8 of Naked and Afraid XL. The contestants this season are taking on the Amazon rainforest in Peru.

Naked and Afraid XL - Instagram/Steven Lee Hall Jr

Credit: Instagram/Steven Lee Hall Jr.

It has proven to be one of the toughest challenges contestants on the show have seen yet. After only one week in the rainforest, half of the contestants had to drop out or be medically evacuated from the Amazon.

Contestants have faced anacondas, torrential downpours, crazy ants, and poisonous plants. As a result, one survivalist, Dan Link, is doing something a bit unorthodox to increase his chances of being able to hold out in the rainforest.

How Dank Link Is Surviving In The Rainforest

Link has started growing his own food in the Amazon using his feces. That’s right, undigested tomato seeds from Link’s waste are deposited into the soil and, surprisingly, they are sprouting plants. To do this, Link had to plan his “poop tomatoes” well in advance.

Naked and Afraid XL - Instagram/Dan Link

Credit: Instagram/Dan Link

Right before being shipped off to Peru, Link ate a ton of tomatoes. The seeds in tomatoes don’t fully digest, so when he had to use the bathroom he was technically planting tomatoes. In fact, Dan has managed to get tomatoes sprouting in three different places in the area he has been staying.

While most viewers will probably cringe at least a little bit thinking about eating something sprouted from feces, Dan is seemingly excited about being able to eat his tomatoes once they ripen.

Of the 12 contestants on the show, eight are newbies trying to withstand the Peruvian rainforest for 40 days. Dan, on the other hand, is one of the four “All-Stars” trying to last 60 days in the Amazon. Given his tomato success, Dan may be able to achieve his goal. No other contestants are growing their own food and what Dan has done to plant tomatoes takes an extra level of dedication.

You can see the odd tomato gardens for yourself by tuning into this week’s episode of the survival program tonight, May 22. If you want to see how Dan and the other contestants are fairing this week, Naked and Afraid XL airs on Sunday nights on Discovery at 8 p.m. EST. You can also stream episodes on discovery+.

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