Ellen DeGeneres Quitting Stand-Up Comedy After Next Special?

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Ellen DeGeneres has a new stand-up comedy special coming to Netflix. However, fans of the comedian will want to tune in and enjoy it because this will be her last one. According to DeGeneres, she won’t be doing another stand-up special following this one and it sounds like she is stepping back.

Here is what DeGeneners said about her upcoming special and why it will be her last.

Ellen DeGeneres Won’t Make Any More Stand-Up Comedy Specials

Ellen DeGeneres has a new comedy special coming to Netflix. the 66-year-old comedian and former talk show host last starred in the stand-up specialĀ Relatable in 2018. The next show will also be a taped special and Ellen said it will be her last. She said she is “going to talk about it,” it “is my last special,” and “Portia [de Rossi] really is that pretty in real life” (via PEOPLE).

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What does this all mean? It means that Ellen will not make any more stand-up comedy specials for Netflix or anyone else. However, there is some good news for the comedian’s fans. She is not retiring from comedy. Ellen will continue to tour and share her comedy in live shows, but they won’t be taped for TV anymore.

Ellen also said that this next special will not have any topics off-limits. The special has no name yet but Ellen might film her performances during the upcoming comedy tour. She kicks off on a multi-city tour on June 19 in San Diego.

“She is a true legend and pioneer in so many ways,” Robbie Praw, VP of Stand-Up and Comedy Formats at Netflix, said. “We can’t wait to bring fans another one of her hilarious comedy specials later this year.”

Ellen DeGeneres Has Struggled In Public Eye Recently

Ellen DeGeneres has complained that she has been canceled recently, which has cast a black eye on her previously spotless career. This all happened when WarnerMedia launched an internal investigation into allegations of a toxic workplace on her set. Ellen claimed she was kicked out of show business for “being mean” (via PEOPLE).

Previous employees claimed a toxic work environment and up to 10 staffers spoke out about the experience there. While Ellen claimed she didn’t know about the mistreatment, she said she would fix things. However, actor Brad Garrett and actress Lea Thompson said it was “common knowledge” about Ellen’s behind-the-scenes actions.

Portia de Rossi then publically stood by her wife, as did Ashton Kutcher, Alex Baldwin, Kevin Hart, and more. However, a line formed between those who alleged her misdeeds and those who stood up for her. This includes her formerĀ Ellen show DJ Tony Okungbowa, who said he witnessed the toxicity.

Three top producers left the show in 2020, forcing an Ellen apology. DeGeneres finally announced that she would leave the show after Season 19 in 2021. The Kelly Clarkson Show replaced Ellen.

Are you surprised that Ellen DeGeneres plans to quit producing comedy stand-up specials after her next one? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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