‘RHONJ’ Fans Rip Margaret Josephs Over Teresa Giudice Exit Comments

Margaret Josephs-Instagram

RHONJ fans are ripping Margaret Josephs over comments she made about Teresa Giudice exiting the series. The two co-stars do not get along and that is very well-known. Yet, Margaret backed up her reasoning for why she felt the mother of four should leave the show. Keep reading to see what she had to say and why fans are so livid.

RHONJ Fans Rip Margaret Josephs Over Teresa Giudice Exit Comments

This season, the whole RHONJ cast is divided and that has made it hard for the show to have a legitimate future. Andy Cohen has addressed that the series cannot go on this way with the cast not getting along. To add insult to injury, former full-time housewife, Jackie Goldschneider has turned a new page. Not only is she on her second season as a “friend of,” but she is also very close with Teresa Giudice. That has caused Margaret Josephs, once very close to Jackie to refer to her as “Judas.”

Margaret Josephs-YouTube
Margaret Josephs-YouTube

Aside from that, Margaret recently said that she did not understand why Teresa was still on the show. Aside from the fact that she does not like her, she noted how much money Teresa’s husband, Luis Ruelas claims to have.

“I think if someone’s husband is just so wealthy, and preaches it all the time, I don’t know why his wife is showing up at Subway shops slinging bologna. So maybe it’s time for her to go. That’s all I have to say.”

Luis Ruelas, Teresa Giudice/Instagram
Luis Ruelas, Teresa Giudice-Instagram

After fans of the show heard this, they were appalled. Teresa has been on the show since its inception and love or hate her, she brings a lot of drama. Immediately, fans ripped Margaret Josephs, according to Meaww. They headed to Instagram to share their thoughts:

  • Teresa is an OG and laid the groundwork for the show. Marge should be the one who should’ve been fired after S11
  • Byeee Marge!!!
  • Theresa is the reason the show is so successful.
  • Maggot wants T fired so she can come in and try to play ring leader and run the show on HER


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Gratitude, Please

One thing that RHONJ fans did point out was that Margaret Josephs does not have to care for Teresa Giudice. However, she should be grateful because, without her, there would be no show. Margaret did note that, despite the two ladies not interacting in Season 14, she did hear what was going on. In her mind, she seems to feel Teresa is obsessed with her which may be a reach:

“The girls are telling me that she was obsessing over me. She’s gonna drop some bombs, because she’s so obsessed with me.”

Only time will tell how this season will play out and what will be said about the ladies behind their backs. Do you agree with what Margaret said or is it time for her to exit instead? Or, is it time for a complete reboot of the series? Let us know and watch RHONJ Sundays on Bravo.

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    1. can’t stand Teresa, love Margaret.
      Teresa’s husband is gonna spend all her money and leave her broke

      1. I love Teresa!!!..Margie pig tail elder is the problem and obsessed w/ Teresa!!! So happy Jackie is friends w/ Tree now!!! Also happy Teresa doesn’t have to interact w/ Melissa ..This last episode Melissa seemed uncomfortable and oozing w/ hatred towards T it’s so obvious how jealous M is of T lol!!!

  1. Teresa is an oddity, that’s why people watch the show, she’s the “trainwreck” on the show lol. As for Luis , he’s the bigger oddity, this show is totally insane.

  2. It’s time for Teresa to go. Also, Kyle from BH. The two OG’s need to leave. Tired of them both.

  3. Marge doesn’t fit in and I am not trying to watch an old lady act like this. I have second hand embarrassment for her every time I see her so I fast forward through her scenes. Teresa is RHONJ! Without her there is literally no show. I would rather watch a show just about her and her family with of course Jen Aydin and her family. Nothing else is interesting on there.

  4. I’ve watched the show from day 1 and Teresa, due to circumstances, has gotten more and more delusional and vindictive. She’s in her own little world! She is very thick headed and self centered. Luis is dangerous and also very vindictive. Luis hasn’t revealed his true self yet so brace yourself. He is up to No Good! He Loves the cameras and will walk over anyone who doesn’t agree with Him and Teresa. Wait… Luis will show His True Colors and it will be shocking! He will leave Teresa broke.. you’ll see. Teresa and Marge (Love Her) should both stay but keep away from one-another. Teresa is just mean and cruel and will never change. It makes for good TV.

    1. Luis should be banned from the show!! Bravo hired someone that has THREATENED the others!! I would prosecute if anyone THREATENED ME!! GREAT COURT CASE AGAINST BRAVO FOR HIRING LUIS!!

  5. Teresa needs to go ….Her level of crazy is no longer amusing or entertaining to watch. She’s SO delusional. Nothing is ever her fault, or Luis’ fault. I mean ..he did have everyone checked out on the show. He has threatened people on the show
    It’s just become too much. Teresa’s got to go!

  6. oh there is a show without Theresa and much better one she is so vindictive and always right never listens to any and so full of herself time to go ladypsey.

  7. i feel that old lady Margaret should hang it up. it looks stupid, she dressed like she’s twenty, not a good look, needs to dress her age. Marg was friends with her, kissing Theresa ass when she first came on. This is like RHOBH did to Lisa VP. get ride of the longest one, so she Margaret can take over. Get rid of Marg and jealous Melissa and everything will be fine.

  8. Stopped watching a few seasons ago. Andy & Bravo let Theresa get away with stuff other Housewives were fired for. Just like RHOOC. Boring and looks scripted. We need more Housewives that show us positive lives. The drama has spread like fire threw the franchise. All want screen time & selling their souls to get it. Just pitiful.

    1. Theresa is uncouth and ignorant to say the least. It is obvious he is so jealous of Melissa. I can’t stand watching her on the show.

  9. Teresa vile and makes up all these lies don’t consider that good show. why bravo let’s Louie threatened everyone and not fire them is eyond me. people are tired of listening to Teresa delusional thoughts and then andy not calling her out on them at reunion

  10. I Always try to see the good in people but Theresa has very little. Melissa & Margaret are Saints for putting up with the likes of her. I have seen Theresa do and say some pretty horrible things and it’s only going to get worse. What is Bravo thinking letting her behave that way. I dont think she got her bottom paddled enough or at allin this case. Love you Melissa and Margaret ……keep Smiling Ladies.

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