Teresa Giudice Joins ‘House Of Villains’ Season 2

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RHONJ star and OG Teresa Giudice has joined the Season 2 cast of the hit E! reality show, House of Villains. So, what are fans’ thoughts about her being a part of the show? More so, how do they think she will fare on the series? Read on for more details.

Teresa Giudice Joins House Of Villains Season 2

It is clear that Teresa Giudice knows how to play the reality television game. She has been on RHONJ since its inception except for her time in prison. Regardless of whether or not fans love or hate her, she never fails to come back swinging. There is just something about her that makes her somewhat of a fan favorite. Yet, just like Vanderpump Rules alum, Jax Taylor, she has a mean side and can cut someone down with a look or a few words. Teresa was the one housewife who flipped a table and that moment has lived in Bravo infamy. So, she really is a great choice for House of Villains.

Teresa Giudice/Instagram
Teresa Giudice-Instagram

After this came out that she would be a part of the cast, a Reddit thread was started. Followers discussed their thoughts on her being a part of the show. Here’s what the OP wrote:

How do we feel about this?
byu/NYnicegirl inHouseOfVillains

This should be exciting but what will really spice things up is who she will be in the house with. They will either challenge and bring out the worst in Giudice or cozy up to her, knowing her history. So, what was the reaction from fellow Redditors upon learning this news? Were they excited to know she had been cast or did they think she would fail?

  • She’s gonna be the Jax? Not understanding anything and going home first?
  • I feel like it’s low-key mean to put her in a battle of wits? 🥴
  • She is for sure gonna be telling people she’s not a villain and not understand why she’s there lol
  • She is the dumbest person on tv. They’ll probably keep her around forever because she’s so easy to manipulate.

The New Jax?

Jax Taylor was on Season 1 and he went horribly wrong. One of his biggest mistakes was bragging about how much money his wife, Brittany Cartwright brought in from her Jenny Craig endorsement deal. He claimed she made 2 million dollars so that made some wonder why he was there. Did he even need the money? Teresa Giudice is known to use the wrong words and pronounce things wrong so she is not the sharpest tool in the shed. Now, can she play this game? That may be a different story. She may win her housemates over with her cooking.

Do you think she can last on House of Villains or will she be voted off before she can unpack her stuff? Let us ks know in the comments below.

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