‘RHONJ’ Margaret Josephs Fuming Over Dolores Catania’s Salary

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Margaret Josephs is allegedly fuming over RHONJ co-star, Dolores Catania’s salary for the show. The two both play integral parts in the hit Bravo series. So, how much more does Dolores make than Margaret? Keep reading for more details.

RHONJ Margaret Josephs Fuming Over Dolores Catania’s Salary

Dolores Catania has been known as Teresa Giudice’s best friend but she can play all sides when needed. This can be a problem as Teresa wants everyone around her to be consistently faithful and loyal. Margaret Josephs has struggled with Teresa for a very long time. However, she and Dolores have been able to maintain closeness. As of December 2023, they were gushing over one another for Dolores’ birthday.

Dolores Catania-Facebook
Dolores Catania-Facebook

According to Bravo, Margaret had shared a sweet montage to honor Dolores, saying this:

“Happy Birthday my sweet Dolores! You are an amazing mother, friend, partner, and as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside! Wishing you another fabulous year around the sun, we love you tons xoxo.”

To that, Dolores responded:

“Love u and thank u for the friendship we share always grateful for my Marge xoxo.”

Unfortunately, it appears that money may be getting in the way of their closeness which is never a good thing. According to Collider, Margaret is apparently less than thrilled with the paycheck her buddy is making as it is considerably more than what she is taking home. Behind The Velvet Rope Podcast host David Yontef spilled the tea on what is going on with the pay disparity.


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Margaret Josephs has been on RHONJ one season less than Dolores Catania. Dolores joined in Season 7 with Margaret following the year after. He explained this:

“New Jersey is really expensive at this point. You have Teresa probably at 2 (million) or 2.5. You have Melissa at 1.5 close to 2. I’m not done. Margaret Josephs has been there a long time, she’s probably at like 800,000. When I was friends with Margaret, Margaret used to tell me it disgusted her that Dolores made more than her.”

In Margaret’s eyes, she did not feel that her friend and co-star should be making much more than she was. The reason was she did not think she brought a lot to the table.

Margaret Versus Dolores

David Yontef alleged that Margaret Josephs would say this about her supposed close friend:

“‘[Margaret would say] Look at me, look at me on camera. I contribute so much more than Dolores. How does she make more than me?’ Well, it’s favorite nations, girl. So as much as Margaret makes, Dolores girl, you ain’t riding so easy either. What are you contributing for your salary? Dolores is so in the middle, literally in the middle of the picture, and will not take a side in a way, she’s what they want.”

As of now, the show is in limbo. Season 14 does not have Melissa Gorga and her sister-in-law, Teresa Giudice interacting in any capacity. Plus, the cast is very divided. Therefore, Andy Cohen does not know how much longer the series can go on with that dynamic. Rumors have started that the show will undergo a big facelift for Season 15.

Do you think that Dolores deserves more than Margaret or should they be on the same pay scale? Let us know and watch RHONJ when it returns to Bravo on May 5th.

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