‘Clarkson’s Farm’ Jeremy Clarkson Updates On Gerald’s Cancer

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Season 3 of Clarkson’s Farm premiered recently, and Amazon Prime fans were concerned about Gerald Cooper, but Jeremy Clarkson gave an update. If you don’t know, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. The former Top Gear star brings a lot of humor with his show, but there’s nothing remotely funny about the disease that struck Gerald, the security manager.

Jeremy Clarkson Makes People Laugh & Fans Love Gerald

Gerald Cooper has a broad West Country accent and on occasion, when he gets excited, his boss can’t understand a word he says. However, he mostly just gets himself laughing so hard, he almost cries. Gerald became a favorite because he’s astute, sharp, and has the understated British humor down to an art form. Kaleb Cooper, the recently promoted farmhand, and his reality TV boss want Gerald well and back at work.

Gerald Cooper On Clarkson's Farm Amazon Prime YouTube
Gerald Cooper On Clarkson’s Farm Amazon Prime YouTube

Jeremy Clarkson talked about Gerald’s cancer early in Season 3 of Clarkson’s Farm, and the Amazon Prime star’s health sounded bad. Top Gear fans were upset when the owner of Diddly Squat Farm pulled his Grand Tour series. However, they do at least get to see him and his farm crew working the land. They work well together, and they help people understand the difficulties of working in the agricultural sector. Gerald is the epitome of a person who’s worked the land since they were knee-high to a lamb

Gerald Cooper’s Cancer Update

In the first episode of the new season of Clarkson’s Farm, fans saw a call come in and Jeremy’s face fell. The Amazon Prime star said, “Gerald’s got cancer. Oh s***.” Then in the next episode, the subject arose once again. This time, the Top Gear star spoke with Kaleb about how “terrified” Gerald felt when he heard the diagnosis. So, his boss added:

‘I know he doesn’t understand and he’s bewildered because, for obvious reasons, somebody said, “Look, I’m sorry it’s cancer,” and that’s all he heard. He’s desperately upset, terrified. Poor man.

Gerald Cooper - Twitter - Clarkson's farm
Gerald Cooper – Twitter – Clarkson’s farm

The good news is that the health outcome seems good. Moving on in the series, fans discovered Gerald Cooper underwent surgery, per The Daily Mail. Jeremy Clarkson visited him, and later, he mentioned that his security manager was “on the mend.” So far, Gerald hasn’t been seen in the new season. However, fans hope that when the next part of the series drops, he will be back at work and helping with all tasks on the farm.

Are you happy to hear that Jeremy Clarkson assured fans that Gerald Cooper is getting better after his cancer diagnosis? Do you hope that he gets well enough to appear somewhere in Season 3 of the show? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Clarkson’s Farm news.

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