Amazon Finally Releases ‘Clarkson’s Farm’ Season 2 Trailer

Clarkson's Farm-

Amazon Prime has finally released the video trailer for Clarkson’s Farm Season 2. What happens in the trailer, and when can fans see Jeremy Clarkson’s show on the streamer?

Clarkson’s Farm Season 2 Trailer Dropped

On Monday, Jeremy Clarkson went to Twitter to share the trailer for Clarkson’s Farm Season 2. He revealed that the trailer was out.

He wrote, “Yup. Clarkson’s Farm 2 arrives on @primevideouk this Friday. And this is a trailer for it.”

Although this is the link for Amazon Prime UK, it will be dropped worldwide in its entirety. Most of all, this means that the second season will drop on Friday, February 10 on Amazon. What does the trailer tell us?

Clarkson's Farm-
Clarkson’s Farm-

What Happens In The Season 2 Trailer?

What should fans of Clarkson’s Farm expect in Season 2? The video shows that the farm has now added cows. That also includes a cow that gives birth to a calf. This

In addition, we see Clarkson trying to get his restaurant happening. He attends some meetings to see if he can have planning permission to make this happens. Will the West Oxfordshire District Council let him open a restaurant where he can serve farm-to-table food? Or will the “We don’t serve vegetarian food” sign put people off?

Thankfully, meetings are just a small bit of the preview. There are scenes of harvesting, mice, and sidekick Kaleb Cooper bestowing his knowledge of all things farming.

Clarkson’s Farm Is Unlikely Hit, But The End May Be Near

The Grand Tour’s Jeremy Clarkson has an unlikely hit with Clarkson’s Farm. The documentary series is about running the Diddley Squat Farm. This highlights the highs and lows of this profession, with some humor.

Currently, Amazon is filming Season 3. But, this may be the end. In addition, The Grand Tour will end after four more specials.

According to Variety, “Amazon is likely to part ways with Jeremy Clarkson after final commissioned shows go to air.” This is because of an editorial that the Top Gear alum wrote and was published in The Sun on Christmas Day. Taking a horrific scene out of Game Of Thrones, and replacing Cersei Lannister with Meghan Markle, the television presenter shocked everyone, including his own daughter.

Although he says he has sent an apology to Markle and Prince Harry, many refuse to forgive him. This may include the streamer.

However, Amazon has not made any sort of formal announcement. But, their actions could be construed as a statement. Things may not look so good because they did not release this video preview until the very last minute. This is likely because fans of the show have bombarded Clarkson and the streamer on social media about the drop date.

Clarkson's Farm-
Clarkson’s Farm-

All eight episodes of Clarkson’s Farm Season 2 drop on Friday, February 10, on Amazon Prime.

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