‘The Grand Tour Presents: A Scandi Flick’: All The Details

The Grand Tour-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1qNofQY13I

Grand Tour fans, are you ready for the northern lights, moose, frozen roads, and perhaps some crazy stunts? Yes, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May are back with some Scandinavian shenanigans.

We have all the details on their latest adventure, A Scandi Flick.

What Do We Know About The Grand Tour Presents: A Scandi Flick

The Grand Tour fans finally have the official news about the trio’s trip to Scandinavia. Nicknamed the “Norway Episode,” the official name is A Scandi Flick. That is because the wild boys will be driving across Norway, Sweden, and Finland. The final destination is the Russian border.

However, they cannot go below the Arctic Circle. The trio will all be driving their favorite rally cars. Although, Clarkson’s car was built years after its rally car heyday.

According to the synopsis, they are driving across the snow, encountering moose, and Viking-like residents, as they explore the land of ice and snow.

It’s finally time to join The Grand Tour trio as they “drive across Europe’s last great wilderness.” It’s sure to be a cold and chaotic ride, so buckle your seatbelts.

The Grand Tour-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1qNofQY13I

The Grand Tour-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1qNofQY13I

When Can You Watch The Grand Tour: A Scandi Flick?

Amazon Prime will drop The Grand Tour: A Scandi Flick on Friday, September 16.

What Are Grand Tour Trio Driving?

In this episode, James May drives an Audi RS4. Next, Richard Hammond competes with a Subaru Impreza WRX STI. Lastly, James May’s vehicle is a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII.

Besides staying above the Arctic Circle, the three drivers have numerous challenges that they must complete. This includes towing skiers and even chalets and bus stop shelters. What else will they race through the snow?

There Is An Accident In This Episode

It seems that we cannot have a Grand Tour episode without a car crash. No. Richard Hammond did not crash his car again. Instead, the trailer indicates that James May’s yellow Mitsubishi Evo VIII had a serious mishap.

The trio was driving through a tunnel. This was located at a Norwegian naval base near Tromsø: May was driving 75 mph and reportedly lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a rock wall.

According to Metro, May broke one rib, injured his back and neck, and wound up with a “bloodied” head. This happened back in March, and it was just the past couple of weeks that fans learned of this crash. However, the long-time television star is doing well and seems to not have suffered anything serious.

New Episode Has ‘All The Elements Are Here’

The Grand Tour’s producer, Andy Wilman shared the preview video on Instagram and wrote, “Trailer for Scandi Special. All the elements are here: Earth, Water and Petrol.”

There will likely be a lot of laughs too.

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