‘The Grand Tour’ Season 5 Norway Show Partial Preview [Video]

Grand Tour-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWM8tFaSgkE

The Grand Tour fans have been awaiting news on the trio’s episode from Norway. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May went way above the Arctic Circle earlier this year.

Now, their longtime show producer, Andy Wilman, has shared a clip from the upcoming special, and we have it below. Does he reveal when we will get to see the first Season 5 episode?

Andy Wilman Shares Clip From The Grand Tour’s Norway Episode

On Friday, The Grand Tour’s producer, Andy Wilman, went to Instagram to share a video clip. He wrote, “Coming soon(ish) to a telly near you.”

The video looks like it is a psychedelic dream. The purplish, slightly distorted video clip starts with a drone shot of tall pine trees, and then a couple of cars driving down the highway before it says “The Grand Tour Presents.”

Next, we see a spinning wheel, then a sort of fireball. It looks like a small plane is in front of that spectacle. Next, a shot of boots in skies skiing downhill.

Now, it is time for the credits. Clarkson looks a bit perturbed, and twists his head around, while May seems to lose control of a vehicle, and possibly crashes. Lastly, Hammond is lying in bed, moving back and forth, as if he is trapped.

Then, there are some quick images. First, there is a moose, the gang is standing outside around a campfire, and there is a boat on the icy waters. Later, there is another shot of Hammond on the boat deck, looking like he wants off now. There is a remote control, there is a lot of snow and ice, and then it is over.

Russian Border with Norway, The Grand Tour-https://www.instagram.com/p/Ca7rLb-sZIZ/?hl=en
Russian Border with Norway, The Grand Tour-https://www.instagram.com/p/Ca7rLb-sZIZ/?hl=en

What Is The Title Of The Norway Episode?

Unfortunately, they have not yet released the name of the episode from Norway. There will likely be a clever name like the previous episodes Carnage A Trois, Lochdown, and A Massive Hunt. However, the name is a carefully guarded secret!

The Grand Tour’s Arctic Episode Was Originally Planned For Russia

One thing always rings true is that The Grand Tour trio is always in tune with the pulse of what is happening around the world. The Arctic is the biggest travel hotspot, and this episode in Norway will go above the Arctic Circle almost to the Russian border.

Originally, they had planned and paid for their Russian Arctic adventure for March 2020. Right before they were about to go, the world was in the throes of the coronavirus pandemic. They decided to not go, but never got a penny of their money back. Wilman joked that there was no word for “refund” in Russian.

Because of the uncertainty of the pandemic, they decided to reschedule this adventure in Scandinavia. They were very lucky they did, as they would have had to cancel a second time.

Instead, Clarkson shared on Instagram a photo of Russia from their plane. He wrote, “Over the Russian border this afternoon.”

As of now, Amazon has not revealed when The Grand Tour’s Norway episode will drop. However, we can safely guess that “soonish” will still mean 2022.


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