‘Baby Reindeer’ Real Martha Tells Her Side To Piers Morgan

Jessica Gunning as Martha from Baby Reindeer on Netflix, Sourced from YouTube

Netflix subscribers all over the world became enthralled with Baby Reindeer, a limited series based on a true story. In the show, comedian Richard Gadd stars as Donny Dunn, a version of himself dealing with a female stalker, Martha.

Gadd changed the names of real people for the sake of the story. However, the real-life Martha recently revealed her true identity. She claims Baby Reindeer is completely baseless and now wants to share her side of the story.

The real Martha has chosen to share her truth with none other than Piers Morgan. So what could happen next?

Baby Reindeer‘s Real-Life “Stalker” Speaks Out

As per The Daily Record, the real Martha’s name is Fiona Harvey.

“None of this happened. It’s a load of rubbish,” Harvey firmly told the publication, citing the plot of Baby Reindeer. In the show, the court sentences Martha to prison for her crimes. Harvey asserts that never happened. On top of that, she’s considering legal action against both Netflix and Richard Gadd.

Now, she’s ready to tell her side of the story.

Jessica Gunning as Martha from Baby Reindeer on Netflix, Sourced from YouTube
Baby Reindeer/Netflix

Deadline reports that Fiona Harvey will sit down with Piers Morgan to share her truth in her own words.

Morgan confirmed the news himself on X writing, “*WORLD EXCLUSIVE* The real-life Martha from Baby Reindeer breaks cover and gives me her first TV interview about the smash hit Netflix show. Fiona Harvey wants to have her say & ‘set the record straight.’ Is she a psycho stalker? Find out tomorrow on ⁦@PiersUncensored.”

“Gadd needs to prove I went to jail which just didn’t happen. I’ve never been sent to jail. That is blatantly obvious,” Harvey continued in the interview. “This is all made up and hyperbole. There are no restraining orders, injunctions or interdicts anywhere. There’s just no way. I’ve not had the police at my door about any of these things. It’s a load of rubbish. I don’t have any money but I’m a perfectly capable lawyer so I will represent myself.”

Richard Gadd Felt A Lot Of Sympathy For “Martha”

Although Baby Reindeer covers very heavy content, Richard Gadd recently admitted he wasn’t sure Martha is the villain.

“I never saw someone who was a villain. … I saw someone who needed help and wasn’t getting it,” Gadd shared. He stated that he would get voicemails from her that made him realize how unwell she truly was.

Viewers will have to wait and see what the real Martha has to say about the situation. Stay tuned for more.

What did you think of Netflix’s Baby Reindeer? What do you think about the real-life Martha’s decision to speak up about her version of events? Leave your own thoughts and ideas in the comments.

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