Ariana Madix Defends Why She Will Not Speak To Tom Sandoval

Ariana Madix

Ariana Madix recently defended herself to haters about why she will not speak to Tom Sandoval. Tom and Ariana have not had a conversation on the show this season. Ariana has made it clear she wants nothing to do with him. However, when Tom tries to have a conversation with her, she shuts it down. She is now having to defend her actions and explain why she owes him nothing.

Ariana Madix Slams Haters

Ariana Madix slammed her haters on the after-show. 

 “I would encourage that person to read my contract and find at any point in which I’m required to do anything I don’t deem real or I don’t want to do. If you think I’m going a bad job as a reality star, I’m Reality star of the Year,”

Madix is not going to speak to Tom just for views. She has made it clear she is going to stay real for the show and not let anything guide her away from that. Fans love her authenticity and honesty throughout the season. Madix has not had many haters after the affair became public, so this is not something she has had to deal with often. She has gained a lot more fans throughout this.

Tom Sandoval, Ariana Madix - Vanderpump Rules - bravo
Tom Sandoval, Ariana Madix – Vanderpump Rules – bravo

Why She Will Not Speak To Him

Ariana will not speak to Tom, and she explained why.

 “There’s only one person who would benefit from anything that would have happened in that moment and that’s him, there’s not been one mention of anything the entire summer that sounded anywhere near what is remorse or kindness or anything coming in my direction from him, he knows that this is the last moment he’ll have to redeem himself with the audience and I’m not here to facilitate that. Him crying and me looking like a bitch, I’m not here to facilitate that.”

Ariana does not need to do things that are going to make her uncomfortable for television. If she does not want to speak to the person who cheated on her, she has every right to feel that way. However, she is going to explain why she does things the way she does them so fans can understand more.

Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix
Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix

It seems she is never going to sit down and have a conversation with Tom. Fans may see them talk on the reunion episode, but it will not be pretty. However, Ariana does not need to defend why she won’t speak to him, it is obvious. Tom ruined their relationship and flipped her world upside down. However, she is trying to move past it and continues to gain opportunities. What do you think about it all? Sound off in the comments below.

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