Travis Kelce Speaks Out About Getting Booed During NBA Game

Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce

Travis Kelce recently spoke out about being booed during an NBA playoff game. Kelce was in Dallas watching the Mavericks play. However, basketball fans did not seem to enjoy him being there. His teammate, Patrick Mahomes, was in fact not booed along with him. Could this be due to Travis Kelce dating Taylor Swift and gaining a lot of attention? Keep reading to find out more.

Travis Kelce Is Still A Fan Of Texas Sports

Travis Kelce may have been booed at the NBA playoff game, but that does not stop him from enjoying Texas sports.

“Dude, I grew up a huge Jason Witten [former Cowboys tight end] appreciator, the Cowboys were always the f—ing boys when they had Deion and and Emmitt … and dude, I used to wanna be a Stars [player], man. I did used to wanna be a Dallas Star, but I also wanted to be a Cowboy there for a little bit.”

Some fans were also shocked to see him at the game because it meant he was not traveling with his girlfriend Taylor Swift while she performed her international dates. However, they did like to see him out and about with his teammates and friends. Brittany Mahomes was there with her husband Patrick.

Travis Kelce from Saturday Night Live, NBC, sourced from YouTube
Travis Kelce from Saturday Night Live, NBC, sourced from YouTube

He Talks About Getting Booed

Travis recently spoke on the issue. This occurred during the podcast he does with his brother. 

“I’m on the jumbotron, and I heard all the boos. I’m just like, oh, s—. I’m getting booed. Guess this is happening, nice. Thanks. Nice to see you guys, Dallas. Appreciate the warm welcome.”

He seemed a little bothered by the boos but did not let it affect him too much. His brother, Jason, was laughing about the incident. Fans want to know why the star was being booed at the NBA game. However, it is unknown the true reason behind it. What do you think the reason for the hate was?

Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes from the Dallas Mavericks' Instagram account
Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes from the Dallas Mavericks’ Instagram account

It seems Travis was not bothered too much by the boos. He is still a big fan of Texas sports and that did not change his mind. Maybe the boos were due to his poor fashion choice. A lot of fans did not like the jeans he was wearing as they had tons of tiny little slits. Or it could have been because some people truly do not like him. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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